Five Best PC Game World

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Like to play games? I think everyone would like to play the game. Usually people play games to trigger fatigue / stress. In fact, it is not wrong to be the main reason and purpose for the players [championship game for the players]. But if my friend Amit Amit, a true gamer, you know dong Thurs popular in the world. Why should I know? Yes, his name is AJA players, games played GA tau? hehe .. Not need more, we eat immediately written five best games in the world. Oh yes, the new selected on the basis of a survey conducted by Information Week.

1.  Mafia II

One of the best games in the world for the category of third person shooting, or take a perspective in the third person. If the spotlight because of this game really tells about the life of a crowd that wander the United States in the era of the 1940s. The game is published by 2K Games, the games label of Take-Two Interactive, bring my friend, that the virtual world of organized crime. Mafia II is the sequel to Mafia game, which has successfully sold two million copies. My friend was asked to complete a mission that is colored with gunfire, car chases action to steal important documents in public buildings!

2. Half-Life – Counter Strike

Developer: Valve has played StrikeWah Corp.Screenshot counter, this is my favorite game! Hehe. Friend not Counter-Strike or CS. Yap, CS is part of Half-Life, the game tactics in the category of first-person shooter (first person taking). Its popularity is unquestionable. Over 50 games of the Year Awards from different cases captured. Not only that, sometimes, the game is still in place as the best game in a couple of websites for several months. Half-Life was a game first to successfully combine the fight on two fronts, the fight against terrorism and terrorist acts, the script is loaded full of puzzles and strategy.

3. Call of Duty

Developer: Activision game Call image DutyCall of Duty is a first-person shooter for the period of the Second World War. His first appearance in 2003 and continues to expand worldwide. Now this game is becoming popular in Indonesia. Not just a PC, the game was also the demand for the console in the hallway. He said that Activision is preparing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the eighth version of Call of Duty, and will be published in 2011. The nearest public Activision Call of Duty: Black Ops in November 2010. Wait a few surprises Activision again.

4. World of Warcraft (WoW)

Developer: Blizzard World Warcraft WarcraftSulit is blocked if it was the best game category, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Since its inception in 1994, the popular Warcraft continues to crawl all over the world. It sets out the role players to explore, adventure, and find resources that can be used to address as well as war. Thousands of people can play this game. They are able to interact directly with one of the world. Each player can choose to ally with whom and with whom they are hostile.

5. The Sims

Developer: Electronic Arts (EA) the screenshot game by Maxis SimsDikembangkan and published by EA, The Sims quickly jumped into the world of video games. In a month, this game is fantastic sales record, which is 6.3 million copies! Not surprisingly, Sims could say that the play of light nan casual, so you can play at various age levels. In the simulation game, players create societies interact socially. Company has grown from children to adults. As in real life. As a friend if given the power to create a dream world my friend in recent years. So here’s the best game on earth. Hope useful!


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