Grandma's 70 Calorie Hot Chocolate

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Growing up in Utah’s snowy winters, I always knew that when the snow came, so did grandma’s comforting hot chocolate. She always made it from scratch and I have yet to find another one like it. When you think of Grandma’s cooking, you expect it all to be sweet and buttery. Its all the stuff your mom wont let you eat. So when i found out this Hot Chocolate was only 70 calories, I got pretty excited. especialy because of how delicious it is.  Even now when I warm my self up after a long run in the snow, it still brings me the same sweet warmth. Its also a cheap beverage for a holiday party that of course will fill anyone up. If you want it to be a little heavier, you can add Half and half. It will bring up the calories to about 100. But still, thats pretty good for hot chocolate. Not only is it 70 calories, but its cheap and easy to make. Its also very easy to adjust to taste, knowing you make it from scratch. you can also add a candy cane for your little ones, or a few mint leaves for a warm wake up.

Grandma’s 70 calorie hot chocolate


one half cup of 1% milk (50 calories)

three fourths cup of water (0 calories!!)

5 teaspons of sugar (16 calories) substitution with fake sugar will be fine but the taste is a little off.

one fourth teaspoon of cocoa powder. (4 calories)

*Sometimes I add a few drops of vanilla when im feeling a little crazy 🙂

Microwave Directions:

Time: 5 minutes (including preperation and clean up)

put water and sugar in microwave safe mug. ( you add the sugar so it can disolve) Heat for 2 minutes on HIGH. Then add milk and coca powder and stir.

Stove top directions:

Time: 15 Minutes (including preperation and clean up)

Add all ingretients into sauce pan  on low heat and stir continualy until warm or desires temperature. (you stir as to not scald the milk, because then its really gross trust me)

Some other Ingredients you can add to spice up your hot chocolate that wont add more than 10 calories (remember to use in small amounts to only add a few calories)

Almond extract

candy cane

mint leaves



pumpkin spice



raspberry extract

apple juice


whip cream

chocolate chips ( for a chocolate over load)

coffe creamer (powdered has less calories)


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