Pet Store How To Trade

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Even though the legendary story, but the pets in people’s lives really were an indispensable role as the industrial and economic development of emerging business immeasurably Studio communityPharaoh animals should be the official said Dr. Wang? The original is authentic veterinary technical training, Completion of the city of Chongqing is a warmth popular pet, type the name of the dog can be 23000000 Scoop, medicine, only one to spend tens of thousands of sick dogs at every turn. After graduating, to improve the breeding of pigs, in practice, physicians of Pharaoh heats during a power play by the beginning of the video results of the research medical student for pet, easy to get a lot of money for wages.

Since then, the concept of society in economics at the root of your mind, but also a matter of routine in your ivory tower and into the world by sea TIPS pet industry, the reasons for family planning policy to ofChina and aging of the population has greatly enhanced the demand for pets? – “Half of a child a pet,” Animals are no longer considered animals but is considered more as a family member.

hectic pace of modern society, people are more pressures, many people rely on animals to kill loneliness and relax. Increasingly have pets like fashion. Portable dog walking scene typical of Western life have been common in the streets of many cities in China. PET business forecasts China will continue to maintain strong growth in volume. Studies have indicated that per capita GDP of over $ 3000 of the epidemic areas of the PET market. In 2010, China will increase the number of animals 150 million (principal), PET products industry is expected to reach 40 billion yuan, the economic development opportunities in PET.

Operation test professional1994 Pharaoh came to Beijing from their matches, and later opened a clinic in PET. But because of the inexperience, poor management, operation for some time, Pharaoh then go ahead, start with a shampoo specifically animal business. But beauty is only a small fraction of the economy of PET. Compared with foreign countries 100 years of service experience animal consumption, in addition to leave food for animals each, but also the concept of consumption is a gradual process.

Even if the bottle of shampoo higher earnings, but spend a long cycle, the chance to buy a small outbuilding. Therefore, the company can only be called self-shampoo, it is much stronger and more space. View from the consumer perspective of the development of the animal owner and forecasts, Wang still optimistic about the category of fast food consumption of the commodity markets.

As the saying goes “power” is used in pets, “pet food to date.” Even if people’s main livestock, health, beauty does not buy the additional consumer demand, but due to food intake of loyal users, it is likely that repetitive purchase of consumer promotion. Pharaoh Chains surface in contact with the negotiation of business pet shampoo, while the agents select food brand mascot, try “whole grain, the consumer is king” in the sense of the operation.

Since agricultural products (24.88, -2.61, -9.49%, right) protection policy as one of agricultural products, animal feed once they face barriers to trade restrictions (import of agricultural products is food. So far, China is only the opening of the United States and Australia, and the chicken feed over the few countries in imported feed, but only). 3 years later, Pharaoh finally got his wish, made a premium dog food in the United States, the only agency in Beijing.

This is a lifesaver in accordance with the design of dog food high quality pet, pet food has expanded the product line has also been given to Pharaoh, to pull the tool market. TIPS pet business ideas, different business strategies, selecting a different mode of operation. The sale of products of animal origin, adapted to the opening in the flow is more intense, transportation, shopping area, the product range is very rich, but does not require positioning must be exact, demand prospects, relative prices can have a free space defined in the bird market, shops, a large supply of liquidity management has become the climate, but competition is sold for the product mainly cosmetic and should not be a home pet care, regulating the price of the product line should be strictly observed and if the store in the exclusive residential area, consider sales of supplies, beauty care and promote the integrated management of projects, and through a series of activities and services to attract, retain customers.

From allies to a friend Pets affiliates began 1997, Wang said he could see the point of view of domestic consumption in Beijing, the character of “old”. The execution of the work at the beginning of the distribution channels of the roll speed, the Pharaoh to set a strict standard quantities. Every morning, his hands in Beijing more than 600 pet stores large and small, driving directions, about 30 every day for his continued progress.

A month later, and under what conditions and for 30 merchants have signed an agreement of sale. 10 years later, the precipitate with 240 pet shops up and down, sales to Pharaoh for a stable and effective channel.


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