Review of Ram Gopal Varma's 'not a Love Story'

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 As is well-known Maria Susairaj and her boyfriend Jerome Mathews, a naval officer who were lovers conspired to kill Neeraj Grover a television executive.  Maria  is a small time actress from Bangalore. The immediate provocation for the murder was the fact of Grover making love to Susairaj and subsequent discovery in bed by Mathews.

Ram Gopal Varma is one of our more sensitive directors who has given us earlier films on topical subjects. Remember Nishabd where Amitabh playing a 60 old man who falls in love with a friend of his daughter an 18-year-old girl? The movie at that time had  raised the heckles of some ill-informed viewers. The icing on the cake was the performance of Amitabh Bachan, as the older lover in love with a young girl.

This time Ram Gopal Varma again has made an excellent adaptation of the real life murder of Grover. The story follows a familiar thread. Anusha Chawla played by Mahie Gill leaves her home in Chandigarh to try and make a foray into Mumbaii films. He boyfriend Robin played by Deepak Dobriyal also comes to Mumbai. In her quest for fame Anusha brings a casting agent home for a one night stand in.  The night becomes a night of the long knives as her boyfriend lands up at her flat and discovers the goings on and kills Ashish (casting agent) in a fit bordering on lunacy. The pair then disposes of the body and try to  live a normal life, but the law catches up with them.

In this movie Ram Gopal Varma has excelled himself and brought to fore the evil side of man which is dominated by Lucifer the devil. The casual approach to the killing and a gory scene where the duo make love with the body of the  agent lying dead  with blood all around  is a chilling depiction of the evil side of man. Gopal Varma’s presentation brings out the seamier side of a human character where the lovers feel no remorse at the killing and certainly  sends chills down the spine of the viewers. Varma skillfully captures the evil recesses of a mans mind.

The ending of the movie is a bit abrupt but at the end of the day Ram Gopal Varma shows himself to be an adept director who skillfully for the viewers, presents a dark and diabolical act with artistic treatment. Both the lead actors who are relatively new comers give good performances and help sustain the interest of the viewers in the movie. All credit to ram Gopal Varma for tackling a difficult subject skillfully.

The movie by Hindi film standards is short with a running time of one hour and 40 minutes. But in that short period Ram Gopal presents a vivid picture of the dark side of human character. All credit to him for it. The back ground score is also good and infuses the film with a greater reality and viewers do not feel bored at any time.

Mumbai films are now entering a genre of realty presentations and touching hitherto subjects considered taboo. All credit to Ram Gopal Varma for this. The photography is imbued with realism and the editing good. If you have the stomach to taste a film on the dark side of human character, then a visit to the theater will be a good pass time. On a 5 point scale I will give this movie 3.5 point. Hats off to Ram Gopal Varma.


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