The Future Is Still Bright For Nokia

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A Finnish company is still the largest cell in the world, but especially the segment of the smartphone market share rapidly deteriorating rebellion iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Nokia remains true to its Symbian operating system and last year we’ve seen some interesting versions for new devices.

New C SeriesAt CeBIT convention in Germany for the first time Nokia announced its new C series to the general public with the introduction of the new C5, Nokia. The Nokia C5 is a smartphone in a cell full of body function, boasting S60 3rd edition and a number of messaging and social networking built in.

The phone was available for a relatively cheap price to offer the smartphone masses.Later experience this year Nokia announced the Nokia C6 and C7 high-end Nokia. Especially the Nokia C7 was interesting because it was one of the first Nokia phones running on Symbian ^ 3 and the use of new technologies ClearBlack screen.

The introduction of the Nokia N8The the most interesting thing of Nokia fans around the world, of course, was the introduction of the Nokia N8. Following the success of this N-series phone sets a new standard for Nokia. Making a new Symbian ^ 3, the phone displays an impressive 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics.

In addition to taking great photos, this camera also had the ability to record high definition video. Nokia E7 the ultimate business phone with the Nokia E7 has introduced what they call the ultimate business smartphone. Nokia E7 comes with a 4-inch touch-screen technology with light black Nokia. Nokia has also included a full QWERTY keyboard on this model E7 to target the business market.

Easy synchronization with your work inbox, calendar, contacts and secure intranet access makes this phone a mobile office. Beside that Nokia E7 also all other smartphone features like a media player, 8 megapixels and GPS navigation.

Phone was shot in December, but unfortunately, Nokia has recently announced that the delay E7 2011.Coming up first? Now, what is in the Nokia 2011? We only know that the E7 hits the shops early.

Besides that we can expect that the first Nokia devices running on the new operating system will be introduced MeeGo, somewhere in the coming year. Rumor had it that Nokia plans to start producing smartphones with dual core processors.

Even Google is still the hope that Nokia will start to use their Android platform for smartphones. So, although Nokia may have been some minor problems in 2010, the future is unclear for the Finnish company.


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