Can The Nokia In Collaboration With Microsoft

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Online edition of ‘Forbes’ magazine business leader published an article today, Tuesday, Nokia unveiled the Nokia N9 smartphone, but considering Nokia previously entered into an agreement with Microsoft, and is planning to launch based on Microsoft Windows Mobile for mobile phones Nokia N9 N9 reasons to start concern.

As the use of N9 Meego operating system, its user interface like Nokia products in the past has greatly improved and strengthened.

However, Nokia also cause some people puzzled: Nokia working with Microsoft, and is planning to launch the first Windows Mobile-based platform for smartphones, so why should launch the Nokia N9 products? N9 is not worried about the performance of the external world, but behind Nokia phones the ecosystem.

N9 and the Apple iPhone, Google Android has nothing to do with the collaboration of Nokia phone with Windows Mobile and contact information.

MeeGo developer community in the formation of matter, Nokia has not made the progress expected. As a result, introduced the Nokia N9 MeeGo platform based phone they use to buy such issues are not many choices.

Actually, N9 has several pre-installed applications, users can use Nokia Ovi Store, the App Store and more.

Nokia mobile phone in the future, but started to support Microsoft Windows Marketplace Application Store, Ovi Store’s fate in the future is still unknown. While Nokia has laid off thousands of engineers to ensure a smooth transfer of R & D work at Microsoft.

In other words, Nokia is in itself incapable MeeGo applications and to provide adequate services support.As N9 lack of strong support for the ecosystem, some people think that Nokia has launched mobile N9 is a waste of money.

So why Nokia do this? There are three main reasons: Nokia design director Lee (Mark Ahtisaari) and Intelligent Mobile Marketing Manager Noor Hilarion meters (Ilari Nurmi) gives the answer: expect the new Nokia MeeGo “learn” the knowledge and experience. Now Mi said: “Let us learn from N9 to a good experience.” Artie Sally believes that Nokia will “learn and improve, and continue to learn and improve, while the most essential thing is to show that we are uniquely capable of Nokia’s innovation. ” When asked what “Nokia’s unique way” questions, Artie replied Sally, the way “is designed for true mobility. “In other words, Nokia hopes to launch the N9, N9 able to understand consumer buying and use it to design better monitoring of product performance. Products such as Microsoft Windows phone is not only the role of mobile equipment, but can also function as specific products from Nokia, Nokia design their own interface.

Nokia N9 wants to send a message to the outside world: the company has the ability to combine hardware and software, and then developed by the market welcomed the phone. U.S. market research Gartner analyst Carolyn Nami The Neixi (Carolina Milanesi) expressed: “N9 is really the industry and consumers to the point of view, demonstrates the strength development of Nokia is increasing.” Of course, the Nokia N9 can also be seen as Microsoft “demonstration”. Nokia is not known outside of the details of the collaboration with Microsoft.

However, if the volume up to the N9, the Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft, the process certainly more right to speak, and require its production to the outside world, and the performance of Windows Mobile, Samsung, HTC (HTC) and Dell. producers of similar products distance.N9 a mobile telephone user interface using the Qt framework. Compared to Meego, Qt user interface is more affected by external developers welcome.

Therefore, greater attention to the Nokia Qt interface. Nokia said on Tuesday, Qt will become the “thousands of millions of users to track application” of the carrot. It also means that Qt enter the lower end of the S40 platform, and finally, on the phone to Microsoft Windows.


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