Men Fashion Dresses 2011 & Colours of Pakistani Bride

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What you need to make a first impression is the last impression? This article offers five tips for men look fashionable and beautiful in 2011.

Your appearance leaves a strong impact on people look at you.

Here things are not very developed, but few things about men (which they can add to their clothing) fashion for the year 2011

Shades of Camel
Camel color does not fashionable. It seems perfect in every season and any part of the day. Therefore, it is linked to some men, the fashion of the participant for winter 2011. Chinos trenchcoats, blazers and camel color tones are all part of this year’s list of fashion of the participant.

Socks Trends

Chunky and colored socks are printed with big this season, AOS ultimate look. Socks that match the skin color should be chosen and should be pulled up just above the boot line and pants should be tucked into socks a bit. It is a bold look and complete street fashion for men this year 2011.

Double Breast Suits
Double breast costumes are an integral part of men, fashion participant for the year 2011. They are also good for men with broad shoulders and men in the waist. They provide a place on the market and look trendy for all men who choose these costumes this winter.

Trendy vests
Men, fashion Participant for 2011 is incomplete without taking into account the vests. They can be used both formally and casually. They are the nicest clothes can be worn with casual jeans, suits, chinos, etc. Therefore, all men must make the vests as part of their wardrobe.

Cardigans neutral color
Bold and cardigans songs are most popular ion this season. Neutral colors in cardigans add a style statement for that year, the modern aspect of the participant for men. Therefore, a good neutral color jacket should be chosen for this season.

The above are most upadted fashion tipsa for men  for 2011.

Colours of Pakistani bride

Every girl dreams about her wedding day,she imagin about her bridal dress and other bridal accessories for her great and specuial day.She selects bridal dress for this great occasion,here we are going to tell some thing about Pakistani bridal dresses and colours and trends about wedding dress.

Some colours are traditional like Red and maroon,Pakistani bride represents her transformation into a woman full of love, care, passion, desires and expectations of her new beginning. But these days’ fashion designers are introducing myriads of new colors to blend tradition with innovation. Karma with his Bridal Collection 2010 introduced shades of grayish metallic colors and vibrant tones of red green blue and brown. Maria B with her bridal collection 2010 chose to go classic with her cream white bridal dresses. Fashion designer Mahid Khawar with his bridal collection 2010 proved that Pakistani bride is not just about reds and maroons, from baby pastel contrasts to dazzling shades of red to darker tones, Pakistani bride is an amalgamation of several emotions from demure shyness to breathtaking laughters to sensitive tears.

The black colour present in bride eyes, the red on her lips, the gold in her jewelry embedded with multicolored stones, beads and sequins, her auburn henna and the colors of her bridal lehenga all joins together to celebrate the beauty that is called Pakistani bride. She has no limit, no border for she is the princess of the day, she is the queen adorned with thousand colors of her past, present and future.

Celebrate your big day not with the latest trends not with the theme of the season but with the color that soiut you well, your style and your desires. Be it the dazzling bright red or be it an innocent baby pink or be it the fusion of both, wear it with style and charm, with grace and pride of being you with all your values, honor and self respect.


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