American Idol TONIGHT: Frankie Avalon and Kelly Pickler on

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So Frankie Avalon was on American Idol tonight.  I am not sure who this person is other than the fact that the so called Frankie Avalon character is from 1959.  This is the same year that Mrs. Cowell decided to give birth to the dreaded Simon Cowell.  That means Simon Cowell turns the big fifty this year!

Kelly Pickler performed on the show tonight.  How many times has she been on the show performing these past few years?  She is still the same.  She can’t sing, but still looks pretty decent for a blond.  And also still very ditsy!  The night wrapped up with Anoop, Scott, and Lil in the bottom three.  Lil was sent back to the chairs leaving Anoop and Scott to hear there fate.  The decision was only separated by 30,000 votes and Ryan delivered the final news – Scott was the bottom vote getter.

Scott sang his song again, this time without the dreaded electric guitar.  He performed a little bit better than last night, but was still very mediocre.  The judges had a hard time trying to decide if they should save him or not which ended up with the judges being split – two to two.  Simon Cowell made the final decision to send Scott packing and ending his time on American Idol.

Scott has a very infectious personally and it is sort of sad to see him leave.  He was very courageous for overcoming his challenges and delighting millions of people with his talent.  He is an inspiration to all that anything can be accomplished, but it was his time to go.  We look forward to seeing him on tour this summer with the other nine American Idol finalists!


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