Eyewear – Overview

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Eyewear are usually known to be used as a protective accessory to prevent eye from the dust particles, chemicals and water solution, flying particles, welding light sparks. People in the laboratories, on wood working machines, on drilling machines and chainsaws always wear some kind of goggles to protect eyes from any kind of damage. In sports, swimmers, sky divers and ice skaters also use specific goggles fro protection from water, fast wind and snow blindness respectfully.

The history of eyewear dates back to the era where goggles were made from caribou antler, and wood and shell to prevent from snow blindness. In the 20th century, drivers of the uncovered vehicles used to wear the goggles to prevent eyes from dust and wind. In the early period of the invention of aeroplane, the goggles were used as eyewear by the pilots to protect from the bug strike and forceful wind.

In the modern world of fashion, eyewear has become an essential part of life style. The eyewear was invented to help the people to see better in situations where vision with naked eye was not possible or suitable. So the basic concept behind the invention and development of different types of eyewear was to help the people to see better in different conditions.

Certain key points may be kept in mind while choosing a pair of eyewear. These include the quality of lenses, style and shape of frames, and should always be considered before purchasing. There are many types of eyewear available in the market. Some are as under:

  • Branded

  • Fashionable Lenses

  • Designer Labels

  • Prescribed

  • Non Prescribed

  • Children’s

  • Sports

  • Discounted

Due to variety of eyewear available in the market, one must find difficulties to choose from. But if you consider some points while purchasing, it would help you in choosing the right one, suitable for your personality and face shape. The first that you should know is the purpose and situation where you want to wear it, whether the situation is formal or casual and either for sports purpose or daily use. For daily use, it should reflect your confidence and personality. For sports use, it should be durable, tough and protective against ultra violet rays. The second thing is that it must suit your face shape. Matched eyewear for the people with round, oval, square and oblong faces are available with slight changes in the angle, curves, and jaws of the frames. Suitable one according to your face shape can lift your personality to the heights and can hide weaknesses of your face.

Each person has its own likes and dislikes of brands. But the most important thing is the money. If you have enough money, you should go for designer eyewear of high quality. But if you can not afford, then you should choose the discounted one.


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