Increase Your Sales by Doing This Effective 3 Strategy

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Sales is demanding, especially during difficult times of economic crisis to the growing global competition. Here is a simple strategy to get back on track to improve sales productivity.

Before sharing with you this simple strategy, let me ask one question: Where are the results, where they spend most of your time? Are you busy making cold calls? And yet, the results are depressing. Maybe they are not ensuring the necessary conversions of your potential customers (aka prospects)?

Stephen Covey has been cited as “Begin with the end in mind. Although many others have made a similar statement goes back to Socrates and Aristotle, Covey briefly summarized as how to improve what what in life, be business or personal.

The results are final. In business, this means hitting sales targets. However, research suggests anywhere from 40% to 70% of all targets are lost. In addition, almost 50% of all sales opportunities are not affected. Finally, 80% of all sales are made between the fifth and twelfth contacts and the results are guaranteed for less than one third of all sales professionals.

What this research shows in fact that many sellers are directing their behaviors in things or activities outside of their control. Performing this action is to abdicate personal responsibility.

People’s behaviors are divided into three circles. The largest is “What is beyond my control.” A second circle, probably 1 / 3 the size, is within this great circle. The first circle is “what people can influence.” In sales there are a lot of influence going on, but probably not enough because it is much easier to give up or not make the third or fourth through twelfth contact with a potential customer.

Now in this second circle is even smaller one that looks like what a person “can control”. In the sale, people have much more control than they are willing to admit. For example, using a proven sales process is a way to better control the results. Another example is the commission of written goals and overall sales and marketing plans. However, due to years of prior conditioning and lack of leadership skills specific to itself, it is much easier to give up and attention to what is beyond our control.

So now when you want to increase sales and you are not satisfied with the present results, ask yourself where to focus their energies (behaviors)? If the results are important to you, to determine how to influence or control the circumstances that allows the goal to increase sales, improve sales productivity even reduce stress.



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