How You Can Help to Prevent Suicide

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Encourage them to go for counseling. It’s always recommended to accompany them to see the counselor. You can also take an initiative to arrange the appointment with a therapist or a psychiatrists to help diagnose and to assess their depressed condition. Make sure that you get them the mental health professional with the best training and a strong background treating suicidal people to get the best bet and care. They might decline the help, so you should contact the psychiatrist without their knowledge. They might initially get annoyed with you, but you actually save their live.

If they refuse to listen to you, then you might need to search for someone who can influence them to stop committing suicide. The support person should take every possible attempt to go and get more information on how to help them. The suicidal thoughts or attempts can usually come and go, so the risk of suicide can go off if appropriate assistance is given to them. Remember, saving life is more important than violating their confidence to survive.

You should talk to them with appropriate used of words and tones as their feelings are very fragile at this stage. Therefore, you should show your sincerity, persistent concern and selfless love to help them walk out of the attempts of committing suicide. Let them feel that your conversation leads them to trust you and they feel comfortable to talk to you. Note that your intervention and concern are very much needed to get them to vent their hurting feelings, emotional pain, stress and uncomfortable thoughts that may have caused them to consider suicide in the first place. Your initiative to help them might assist them to change their minds and also help them to overcome their suicidal feelings. Very often, a tragedy happens when there’s an inability to discuss an uncomfortable feelings which can eventually lead to suicide.

Ask a depressed person a question if they’re going to commit suicide. When you ask them questions, it actually shows that you care of them by providing your endless attention and assurance. By asking them questions, you might provide them a good outlet to talk about their problems. If you believe that the possibility of suicide is there, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them some uncomfortable questions on suicide. For example, you suspect XXX for contemplating suicide; take an effort to ask them, “How are you going to kill yourself?”  “Are you thinking of hurting, harming or killing yourself?” or “How do you think killing yourself can improve your feeling?” and etc. This will always get them to answer you if they think you’re a trusted friend or a caretaker. Next, calm them down, and keep them focus to their real lives, and tell them what the bad effects of their suicide are. Try divert their attentions to a true path of life, and explain to them suicide is not the only method to resolve the problem. For a starting point, a family physician can offer professional assistance to help them go through their unpleasant life. You can also get a list of local psychiatrists from the hospitals to seek for further medical help. You’ll never know that you might just have saved one innocent life.

Don’t prejudice or discriminate them. But in a loving and non-prejudice way, share your concern with them. Tell them that how you’re worried about them and encourage them to open up about what they’re experiencing. The thought of suicide does not come suddenly, but this suicidal behavior is a result of a complex psychological condition. You should be patient to deal with them by believing that thing can change. Suicide’s attempt is not yet a determinant factor to end up life but it can be diverted with an appropriate method. Believe that, it’ll change, though it might take a long time to change. Just take your effort to convince them that you care if they’re here with you in this world.

If someone says, “I’m gonna to commit suicide”, “I want to end it up.” or “I want to kill myself”, you should never ignored these statements. They might be words seeking for your help to get them out of the suicidal nightmare. Teachers, counselors, school counselors, physicians, parents or even friends can all play a significant role to offer troubled, depressed and isolated people a place to go for reassurance. They should always be there to support to help what they need, but most importantly, to get them immediate attention to stop their negative thoughts from stirring up their desires to kill themselves. You may not know that you might have saved one live or even more!

Don’t let them alone. They’re struggling hard during this hard time. They’re feeling extremely painful and depressed. Help them change their life by cultivating positive values either via religious practice or in any forms that might help. Identify what they’re struggling at, and be there ready to coach them, guide them, support them and teach them how to overcome their stressed and painful life.

Keep the guns, sharp tools, any weapons or harmful things in any forms away from them. Guns are the most common way people use to end up life. You should take every attempt to prohibit them from touching any weapons or instruments that might just hurt or harm them in a terrible manner.

There are many resources offering help for suicidal people. You can get a suicide hotline phone number in almost every phone book over the internet. If you’re staying in the United States, you can contact Suicide & Crisis Hotline at (800)999-9999 or call The Suicide National Hotline at (800) 273-8255 for an immediate assistant or call any hotlines within a page of

Watch out for the signs (listed under subtitle “What’re the symptoms of suicidal behavior?” within this article) to determine if they’re contemplating suicide. Bear in mind that people who tend to kill themselves can show “a false delusion” to you as if their heavy burden has been taken away and they often feel relieved but in fact they’re always disturbed by the negative thoughts that may have led them to kill themselves. They tend to mask their REAL feeling. Try every possible way to help them to get out of this nightmare either by convincing them cultivate religious practises or any alternatives stated in this section. Your persistent support, love, attention and care are very much needed to save their life. Please help stop suicide attempts or suicide thoughts, and thanks for your cooperation. 

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