Websites With Links To Email Your Senator, Congressman, and other Elected Officials

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There are so many important political issues going on every week that it’s important now more than ever to stay informed on legislature and to contact you elected officials. After all, the senators and congressman we elect are supposed to work for us. We should let them know how we feel about the legislature they are creating and casting votes for. These are the people in Washington that represent our voice, and they need to hear what we think about an issue before they cast that all important yay or nay. And, with email forms, it’s now incredibly easy to let your representatives know what you think. There are lots of websites to choose from when emailing your senator or congressman, but I’ve found that the two links provided below are the quickest and most reliable route. These two websites also have many other helpful features that will help you stay informed about the latest political developments.

Contacting Your State Senators:

The website is reliable and easy to navigate. The homepage allows you to link to contact information for your representatives by choosing either your state, senator, or class. This website also provides information on current legislation and bills. Among its many helpful links, you’ll find the Congressional Record, which provides information on votes, debates, and committee meetings. This way, you can keep track of how your representative votes on issues that are important to you.

Contacting a Congressman:

To find your congressman at all you have to do is enter your zip code in the search box. This handy website also provides links for contacting your governor and state legislators, as well your senators, and the president.


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