How to Handle Your First Pregnancy

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Great expectations

When Vinitha, my friend’s daughter told me that she was expecting her first baby, I felt very happy. I could see a worrying line underneath her happiness and I asked her what the matter was. She had lots of doubts and the main fear she had was the pain that would she would experience during her delivery time.’ I am terrified when I think of the pain aunty’, was her worrying fear.Well, lots of girls experience this fear and they undergo lots of mood swings in their total behavior.

1. You should understand that there is nothing to fear, and all you need is proper guidance and direction as how to prepare yourself to be healthy; physically and mentally. You should be careful in your diet and should eat food rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.

2. Never skip your breakfast which gives you the energy to see through the day. You might experience some nausea and will not feel like eating. Avoid foods that make you feel like unsettled stomach and eat food which you feel suits you. This phase of vomiting and morning sickness will last for about three months which is very natural.

3. Pregnancy is not illness and there are some women who feel that they should avoid doing any physical work. Nothing can be farther from truth, you are absolutely normal and you should be active and energetic which will aid you in having a normal delivery.

4. There are times when you feel depressed and emotional during your pregnancy. It is because of the hormonal changes your body undergoes, but you should make efforts to come out of it. You feel that your lifestyle will change with the added duty of having to look after a baby. Your baby should be a delight and you are his\her mother and what more can be exciting than seeing the innocent face of your baby.

5. Your mind should be peaceful and calm, for if you are agitated and upset it will definitely reflect onthe baby in your womb. Talk to your baby in your womb in a positive and happy way. They say that babies listen to what their mothers say when they are in the womb itself.

6. Regular visits to a gynecologist are very important and you should follow their advice to the dot. Do not take any medicine without the advice of your doctor.

7. Sometimes you will not feel any movement of the baby and you need not worry about it, your baby is sleeping.  If you feel there is an abnormal lack of movement, you should immediately consult the gynecologist for further evaluation.

8. Some mild exercises as advised by your gynecologist are recommended, as it helps you maintain your body in good condition.

9. Drink lots of water and fruit juices. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts will help maintain good health. Go for walks and generally be active.

10. Your relationship with your husband plays a vital part during your pregnancy. Be happy and share a wonderful companionship with your husband. Nowadays doctors allow husband to be near his wife during the delivery time, as it gives her immense strength to have him beside her.

As you can see your pregnancy is nothing to fear about, rather you should look forward to the day a wonderful bundle of innocence is going to be in your hands; it is your blood, your life. When you are happy in your pregnancy days, you will be able to enjoy and cherish your forthcoming motherhood with great anticipation and eagerness.


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