Why Twitter is growing twice as fast as Facebook?

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Like the recently very popular social networking website Facebook, Twitter is a Web 2.0 based social networking website that allows users to get connect with friends and update each other on what they are doing. Basically, the main page of Twitter is like a notice board with all the broadcast messages updated by your friends or people that you are actually ‘following’. Essentially, users have the choice on who to follow which will be updated on what the followed users updates on their respective Twitter account.

Facebook has becoming like a everyday life for many people and have brought social networking to a one-stop portal that has everything like games, applications, dating features and so many more. Facebook is said to have an approximate 5 million new members joining in a week. But the strange thing is that Twitter is enjoying twice as much users joining per week.

But why is that so when Facebook has everything while Twitter only has the collective and interactive broadcasting feature? Being simple has brought the success of Twitter as following of overloading information has becoming really impossible and by making information flow more complex would probably overwhelmed  and fraustrates some users. On the other hand, Twitter allows users to read what they want to read from all the updates made by friends.

This is especially useful as such information flow can be really effective and efficiently in work group and even business interactions. As for social networking, most of the time when your friends update something, it is usually rhetorical in nature and does not require reply. However, users who choose to reply and response to the update according which makes it really simple to understand and use.

Twitter’s growth is partially attributed by many content websites jumping into this trend and they are now using Twitter for information disseminations. It seems to be turning these network of people into a cyber-village where messages and update can be instantly shared.


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