How Wishese Birthday

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When we are talk about something which is related to a member who is the most everything for us and with which all of our happiness and enjoyed  is withus, a person feels a love with all those movement which are attached to beloved. These things might be his or her loving or disliking such as a success, an event, a day etc. our hearts just wishes to fulfill everything in no time whatever our beloved wishes to.

Among all these special and sperise events and days, there also comes born day. Though it is a natural thing that born day enjoyed is loved by everyone; we take it as a formal celebration. But when we talk about a person who is very close to us then a lot of desires also take birth in our hearts too. We want to give those gifts and presents on this event which can surprise our beloved, which can create a massive and long lasting happiness and memories in beloved mind. With respect to time and nature of celebration there comes a lot of people to wish but what a lover’s heart wish on this event.

Does he want to do this time with all of other persons or wants to show all love by his self alone with granerral and enchanting ways. Such kinds of things come to mind whenever we talk about the birthday of our love. All of this happens just due to a reason that our all intentions and movements want to make our love happy. We want to drown in the depths of love with beloved and want to go in a corner of world with beloved where no one can disturb us. If a birthday is celebrated with such an environment, love between beloved and lover will always go on growing and passion to love will never cut short. All of these things are wished by a lover in ordinary and casual days but when a special day comes, it becomes right of beloved to be wished like that and duty of lover to express his love in such a romantic manner.

Day born wishes for lover and prayers at this time come out from the depths of hearts for the happiness and long life of beloved and have a great effect on the soul of loved and mutual love enhances.


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