Festive Gifts For Business Associates

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For professionals, getting closer to the end of one year and the beginning of another, involves a great deal of planning – especially for PR activities.  Seeing to the design and printing of calendars, diaries and promotional gifts is time consuming and quite stressful – but they come with the territory. PR activities are integral to successful business practices today and simply cannot be neglected.

Gifts for business associates can be a bit tricky and require a great deal of thought. The choice of gift needs to be based on a number of factors – the age and gender of the associate; the level of seniority within the organization; and their level of interaction with us. Evaluating these factors help us to freeze on the choice of gift.

Another aspect of gifting solutions for business associates lies in avoiding gifts that may be perceived as being too personal in nature. These gifts are necessitated by a professional connection and so the gifts too have to be businesslike – nothing that can be misinterpreted. But keeping all these parameters in mind can limit our gifting options and narrow the field considerably.

Using the method of elimination, we find that the most common gift options such as clothes, perfumes, books, music, home décor, etc have to be removed from the shopping list – leaving us with very little to choose from.  At the same time, most of us would prefer to avoid the hackneyed solutions such as chocolates and wine. So what are we left with?

The ideal gifts for business associates would be one’s that cannot be misinterpreted; gifts that are not influenced by our opinions of them; gifts that do not reveal what we think of them. And yet, the gifts should say that we value our business connection with them and respect and appreciate them as professionals.

This seems to be a tall order but there is precisely such a gift that can solve all our gifting dilemmas for business associates – the versatile gift card. Gift cards offer just the right combination of qualities required for a business gift solution. They allow us to decide on the amount to be spent based on our relationship with the business associate – they reflect the level of professional regard we have for our associate.

Gift cards allow the recipients to choose their own gifts and are not a reflection of our views in the matter. They are easy to obtain and redeem and offer a great deal of flexibility to both donor and recipient. So when we want to show our business associates that they matter to us – gift cards are the best option to go with.


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