The City in Which I Would Most Like to Live is Orlando, Florida.

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Joshua Obaigwa

Academic Research

Nov 11 2011

     I was born in 18th June 1989 in Orlando, Florida and after 3 years my parents passed on. I was left with my uncle who abused me for 12 years. At the age of 15 years I could not take the abuse any more. I decided to run away to Florida City where I became a street kid. After a year of sleeping out in the cold, we were taken to Gulfport children’s home by Florida city nuns. Gulfport children’s home is situated in Gulfport, Mississippi. While at Gulfport I became a trained carpenter.  I currently live in Jackson a capital and the most populated city in the USA state of Mississippi. Basing on my 4 years experience in carpentry I applied for an opening job in my hometown Orlando, Florida.

     Florida is one of the major states in the USA. It’s a home to Orlando which is the 79th largest city in the United States. Orlando is a central region and also the capital of the U.S. state of Florida.

     My primary reason of moving to Orlando is because it’s where I was born. A job opening at Victoria furniture’s was a real boost for my move I would most like to live in Orlando, Florida because it has memories of my parents. It was where my parents were born and buried. Our house is still intact because I heard my uncles’ were jailed 6 ago years since I move from Orlando.

     The problems of poverty, low income, high rated crimes and unemployment in Jackson, Mississippi are among the major reasons I am moving out of Mississippi. The state has the lowest income, lowest rates of insurance coverage. It’s close to impossible for residents of Mississippi to escape their difficult financial positions because of highest unemployment due to poor education system. Jackson city is the 23rd most dangerous city in the USA thus having unsafe working conditions. The poverty level is rated at nearly 23%.

     Orlando, Florida is home to Walt Disney Company which is one of the largest films making industry in the world. Maybe one day I will apply to be signed by the company because my high school acting skills are still intact.  It’s a serene environment with high tight security i.e. crime rate is very low compared to Jackson. There is high employment due to better education system. My children will not find it harsh as I did. Orlando attracts approximately 50 million tourists a year and you don’t have to travel by bus as it is in Jackson, because it has the thirteenth busiest airport in the United States. I will love to take my family to Walt Disney World Resort which makes Orlando city to be best known in the world. Walt Disney World Resort consists of wild parks and nature parks too which are among the major tourist attractions.

     Comparing the two, the city in which I would most like to live is Orlando, Florida. I will post my application to Victoria Furniture’s and hope they will hire me.


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