H Warren Smith Cemetery

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As I get older, my mortality becomes much more of an issue and defined in a more clearer way. It’s something we all have to face one day, whether we like it or not. I like writing reviews about various things and sometimes, the places that come to mind, are well…a little bit strange to say the least. Like this one…

Well…I have to review it because this cemetery is named after my great grandfather, who at the time was Mayor of Pablo Beach, which is now called Jacksonville Beach.  

Yes…all my relatives, grandparents, aunts, uncles, including a brother and my mom are resting in this place. A few friends have also found a permanent home here. Sadly…at very early ages, when they should have had their whole lives ahead of them.

The grounds are always well kept and for a cemetery…it’s actually kind of pretty. I love all the oak trees that are hovering over the tombstones. These trees offer the ones who have come to pay their last respects to friends and/or loved ones, a quick reprieve from the hot sun. However, where some comfortable shoes. They’re aren’t a lot of places to sit. Unless some of the family members created a memorial next to the tombstones near by…you will have to stand for the duration of your visit.

Now…if you’re looking for a final resting place once you’ve moved on…I doubt there is any room in this inn. They’re pretty much booked, unless you’ve made reservations years in advance. But it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot, since every now and then…they might have a cancellation or two. But don’t hold your breath. (No pun intended) ROFL You might have to check with one of their competitors a few miles down the road.  

No… Unfortunately, it’s the only place in town that’s recession proof. They will be in business until the world stops revolving. A fact of life I wish we could change.

To be quite frank with you… I’m not really sure why I chose to review a cemetery? I guess…I was getting a little homesick (Uh…not for the cemetery…lol) and well… I miss my mom…


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