5 ways kids can make money online

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Here’s five ways kids can make money online starting right away. And there’s a big secret – you can too! I never could keep a secret! So don’t worry kids, we’re not talking about raking leaves, mowing yards or shoveling snow! We’re talking about having fun and learning how to make money online.

The first two ways deal with affiliate marketing. Simply put, it’s a way to refer sales to a merchant, via your internet link, and get paid a commission from the merchant. Cool? So here goes:

Five Ways Kids Can Make Money Online

Blog about things they like (or dislike). By posting daily, fresh, original content on their blog, the search engines will notice. With a little promotion of their blog, they will get traffic. In addition to providing content to their visitors, they may provide links to various products and services related to their site. When a visitor purchases the goods or services, the “kid” gets a commission. This is very popular and addicting for teens especially.
Actively post in a Forum related to their site. In nearly every forum a space is provided for their “signature”. This bit of text they add appears underneath every post they make. So by incorporating their “affiliate link” in their signature, another avenue is opened. If a forum visitor is engaged by your post, reads your signature containing your link, clicks through and purchases, again, another commission.
Make money selling items on eBay. With their expertise on certain subjects and related items, they are instant experts in many subjects. Things like video games, computers, movies, music, (and for me cell phones) are commonplace to most kids today. Let them use that expertise to find bargains, or promote the sell of these items.
Complete legitimate paid surveys. There are a lot of paid survey scams out there for sure, but there are also some legitimate companies who pay rather well for completed surveys. This is one of the traditional ways kids can make money online, and as a result, has many scammers. It’s important to know where to look on this one.
Sell their skills and services online. This is the easiest and yet most overlooked. There are thousands of people out there publishing online content. They don’t have time for routine, mundane tasks like setting up email accounts, researching key words, or forum posting. These services are paid for every day. So if a kid could perform these tasks, they could get paid every day as well.

Obviously, it’s very important to consider the age, maturity and skills of a child. As you well know, no two are alike! Safety is the first priority. Not only is this an opportunity to teach your child about responsibility and money management, but a way to work on something together! These are just 5 ways kids can make money online, but don’t forget the secret. You can too!


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