Great Trip at Nepal

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Take a Break with Meditation in Nepal

Some of people are going to Asia, especially India for taking some Meditation and get relax, but now you can do that as well in the Himalaya Country, Nepal. Meditation is also getting popular lately, which this method can be a choice for getting relax on your body, get your focus back, and also good for your health. If you are visiting this beautiful country of Himalaya, Nepal, meditation can be your option for refreshing your mind while you are traveling. And for your information, there is a lot of meditation centers in and around Kathmandu, which is worth to try instead of going outside and choose India for your relaxing time.
Located in Baluwater, Mahayana Buddhist Himalayan Yogic Institute conduct a regular evening meditation and weekly dharma teaching with donation, and also host a schedule of day-long workshops and course in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation. Other than that, maybe you also ought to try Nepal Vipassana Center that runs ten-day courses of meditation in the center of Kathmandu. Another meditation is Kathmandu Buddhist Center that holds introductory talks in Buddhism several times a week during tourist season, besides they also conduct some courses in particular time. Last one, you should try Asheesh Osho Meditation Center in Tahachal and its branch in Lazimpat that conduct one-hour dynamic meditation session every morning. They open to all and the fee is charged in the form of donation. Well, you think that you come from the crowded city, and need relax by traveling; meditation and yoga are the option to get back your fresh mind. Meditation is getting popular and not that bad to try, especially in Nepal. 

Experience the Beautiful of Butterflies and Birds in Nepal

Instead of mountain, experience your trip in Nepal by watching the beautiful animals such as butterflies and birds there. Butterfly has a beautiful color creature and they have been studied for over 150 years in Nepal. After British, Japanese also took a great interest of the studies about butterflies and its species in Nepal. According to the official record until now, Nepal has 651 species of butterflies. Other than that, Nepal is also great for watching the species of birds. Special in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the eastern tarai, there is a bird watcher’s paradise. Nepal has more than 850 species of birds which surprisingly the large number of those birds can be spotted in Kathmandu valley alone.

For butterflies, you can see these beautiful creatures all year round in the temperatures around 180C in mid-winter. The best time to see them is in late April/March, mid May or June and also late August and September. For the good place to see the butterflies, they can be found in Swoyambhu and also in the base of hills and forest stream at Godavari, Nagarjun, Budanilkantha and Sundarijal. Other than that, Phulchowki, Jamachowk and Shivapuri, Nagarkot, Suryavinayak and Chandragiri are also good areas for watching the species of butterflies. Move to the birds, some are in butterfly spot like Phulchowki, Godavari, and Nagarjun is beautiful to see the birds. And Tauda lake, on the way to Dhaksinkali, is the best one to see migratory water fowl during the winter months. Various national parks is also provided to be a place for birds community just like Chitwan and Bardia harbor. So, are you interesting to try the different experience by watching butterflies and birds in the beautiful country of Nepal


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