What is Your Work Personality?

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Many people find that they cannot really be themselves at work. There are all kinds of professional standards that they must meet and that can be quiet frustrating. I myself can agree that I am not myself at work. Yes, some aspects of my wonderful personality still shine through. However, mostly I find that I have to hide behind a professional image. I guess I think that this is what the boss wants. Truthfully, that is the case.

Most bosses they could not care less about your real personality or your real feelings. They pretend that they care just to be polite and not to be hated by their employees. However, I am well too aware of the harsh reality. There is no point to display much of your personality at work because honestly the manager just sees you as some robot that has to perform a series of assigned tasks. If this robot performes well with little errors, than the boss will keep the robot and possibly reward good behavior. If the robot makes a mistake the boss will attempt to fix the issues at first. However, if corrective action does not work, the robot gets thrown into the dumpster along the the rest of the broken machines.

Employees are not seen as real human beings. That is the reason why we have to act like machines. This is what is expected of us. If we do not follow the rules or show our humanity in the slightest way than we are risking our jobs. I am normally an opinionated and outspoken person. I never let people step on me. However, when I am at work I have to tolerate a lot of shit from everyone just so I can keep my job. It is not fun at all. I think it is very rare that a person can actually love their job. Most people are miserable at their place of work and cannot wait to get back home every day so that they can finally relax and just be themselves.

It is so hilarious that many bosses want to establish a positive work environment by actually dehumanizing their employees. These bastards need to be ashamed of themselves.


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