Live Life For Yourself

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Many cultures encourage people to live their lives for others. It is seen as something strange when a person chooses to do what is best for them despite the opinions of others. A perfect example of such a culture is the Indian culture. People are praised when they “behave well” in front of others and do everything they can to please other people. This includes constantly serving on guests, friends, relatives, and children. 

I personally do not see anything wrong with a culture of service to others. I think in some ways it is great. However, I beleive that the Indian culture takes this servitude to an extreme. A person feels that there is something wrong with saying no. You are practically forced to go with the pack and if you choose not to abide by the rules of society you will face isolation and shame.

I must admit that in India a lot of people have a problem with alcohol. They do not feel satisfied with their lives and try to drink away their pain. It is sad that it had to come down to this. I do not see anything wrong with taking care of others. It is great to be good to the people you care about. However, before you can take care of others you must learn to take care of yourself. Being nice to others just for the sake of making a good impression is useless.

Martyrs are usually really miserable people deep inside because they do not serve others out of true desire. They serve others because they are afraid to be perceived as selfish and self centered. Do not bite off more than you can chew and learn that it is okay to say no sometimes. Be yourself and do not let society bully you into becoming one of the mindless clones. Live your life according to your own rules and expectations. Pleasing others can never make you trully happy. You need to please yourself first. Do not settle of a life of compromise. You deserve the best so go out and get yours!


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