How to Create The Perfect Updo Hairstyle

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How to Create the Perfect Updo Hairstyle

Every woman wants to look her best for that special evening out whatever the occasion is. The proper hairstyle is essential to creating the perfect look and an updo can add that touch of elegance that the woman yearns for. A woman should spend just as much time on her hair as she does on finding the perfect dress.

It is essential to select the right updo for hair length, hair color, and face shape. Whether she has short, long, or medium length hair, an updo style can complement a woman‘s looks to create a vision of beauty. The right updo can accent her facial features, complement her outfit, and make heads turn.

Questions to Ask When Selecting an Updo Style

•Does the hairstyle compliment your face?
•Does your face look better when your hair is pulled back, flowing loosely, or pulled back with tendrils to accent it?
•Is your hair long enough for a particular style?
•Do you have the right accessories (grippers, bobby pins, bands, pony tail holders, etc) for the hairstyle?
•Do you have enough time to have your hair styled a particular way?

Things to Remember to Achieve a Perfect Hair Updo

•Hair often sets or styles better when it is a bit dirty. Therefore, you should wash your hair the night before you plan to have it styled.
•High quality professional products do the job better. They are more expensive, but they really do make a difference.
•If you plan on styling your own hair, acquire the correct tools of the trade, such as curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, and flat irons first.
•Browse pictures of updos in beauty magazines, hair magazines, celebrity news magazines, and online websites. Most salons carry quite a few magazines that include formal hairstyles. This practice will help you to decide what you want before you get started. Quite often, selecting the hairstyle takes longer than actually having your hair styled.
•Remember that some stylists specialize in particular hairstyles so always ask if this is the case at the salon that you select. Schedule your appointment with that person. At the very least, make sure that your hairstylist has experience style updos or you might not get the look that you are searching for.
•Keep your hair healthy and shiny by using the correct shampoos and conditioners.

Updos for Short Hair

Creating an updo for short hair is not as easy as creating one for long hair. Obviously, you have less hair to work with and so, there is less that you can do. Hair that is at least three inches in length will be easier to work with for an updo.

For extremely short hair, you can use hair gel to spike your hair. You can also use volumizing shampoos and conditioners to give the illusion that you have more rather than less. The trick to creating the perfect updo for short hair lengths is to curl or wave as much of the hair as possible. Additionally, pinning the hair back to the center is another good strategy to give your hair the look of an updo.

If you find that working with what you have is not creating the desired effect, purchase a hair extension. This will provide the added length that you desire and give you a wider selection of choices for your updo hairstyle. Hair extensions are manufactured to look natural.

If you decide to go this route, it is probably best to purchase a monofiber hair extension rather than one made from human hair. The monofiber ones are easier to work with and generally stay in better and longer. Purchase one in the same shade as your normal hair color so that it will blend in and look natural.

Hair quiffs can also be used to create the updo that you are looking for if you have short hair. Simply section a two–inch by two–inch portion of your hair near the front and at the top of your head. Pull the hair back and then move it forward in a sliding motion. This will make your hair appear higher and fuller. This can also be done at the side of your face.

Updos for Long Hair

Longer hair lengths, including medium lengths, have an entire array of cute and glamorous updos to choose from. Loops, swirls, French twist, and braids are only some of the choices that you have. Plus, you can elect to have a full or a partial updo.

A full updo involves having all of the hair tied up and the area surrounding the face left open or accented. The half or partial updo includes hair that is styled around the face, partially covering the face, or partially hanging down.

Updo Options

Within the array of full updo styles, additional choices need to be made. The hair can be arranged in a bun the sits low above the nape of the neck. It can be arranged to sit atop the head in a huge pile. The front of the hair can be arranged in one of several ways including a sweep, a pleat, a comb back, or a loose style that allows some locks of hair to fall gently to the side of the face.

The main difference with the location of your updo is the accessories that will go well with each style. Intricately bundled hair on the top of your head will not be as amenable to certain types of hair ornamentation. On the other hand, the bun is easily complemented with gorgeous hair accessories.

The front of the updo can vary with any number of styling methods. The sweep can be textured, soft, or angled. The softer, more angled sweep creates a special look that does not require any hair accessories to show it off. The textured sweep creates less of a fancy showing, but is easily accented with a tiara. Additionally, single tendrils can be created to adorn the side of the woman‘s face.

Whether your hair is pinned close to the head or pinned loosely is another choice that you will make. If you are unsure which style will look well on you, ask the hairstylist to style your hair with the understanding that you might change your mind. Additionally, the size of any curls might make a difference in the look that is achieved and this might be changed during the styling. A good hairstylist will be able to make suggestions to you based upon his or her experience.

Hair that is swept up and moved back from the face can create a soft look that will make a woman look alluring. The bun is probably the most timeless updo of all. This classy hairstyle has graced the heads of many celebrities, wedding guests, prom goers, and more.


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