Fresh Straight Sedu Hairstyles

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Fresh Straight Sedu Hairstyles

Sedu is one of the top names in the beauty world. The Sedu flat iron is a tool many celebrities like Jennifer Anniston use to create their many fashionable hairstyles. Hair is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. A great hairstyle can do a lot for a first impression. By using the Sedu flat iron, there are many more looks you can portray to people than ever before. The ability to create different hairstyles is what Sedu does best. Here there are many different hairstyles to choose from that use the technology of the Sedu flat iron.

Casual Sedu

Casual is a look most people work too hard to pull off. Sedu makes it quite simple. You first need a clean head of wet hair. Then apply styling gel all the way from the roots to the ends of your hair. Once this is done, use a blow dryer to completely dry your hair. Next, let the Sedu flat iron do its thing. Use the iron to straighten your hair and part it down the center. The pony tail is the finishing touch to this look. Put your newly straightened hair in a pony tail leaving strands around your face loose. Style the strands and voula! This casual Sedu look shows off a fresh, fun face for a night out with the girls or a casual day at the office.

The Flip

The Sedu flip hairstyle is sleek and sexy. It demonstrates a young woman ready for fun. First you must have a clean and wet head of hair. Then rub in styling mouse from the roots of your hair to the ends. Next you should blow dry your hair while you brush it. The Sedu flat iron comes next. Use the flat iron while you comb your hair away from your face. The Sedu flat iron should also be used at the ends to add the characteristic flip. This is a nice finishing touch to the flip Sedu look.


The Sedu twist is extremely easy to do and very professional looking. First you must have a head of clean, wet hair. Use a little bit of mousse and apply it from the roots to the ends of your hair. Next, completely dry your hair with a blow dryer and use the Sedu flat iron to straighten it. The twist section comes next. First you must take the front portion of your hair and pull it forward. Take the back section of hair and make a twist. Use pins to secure the twist. Next, make a mini twist out of the front pulled section. Use pins to attach this mini twist to the back twist. This hairstyle sounds and looks much more difficult than it really is. You will get compliments from strangers on the street.


There is nothing wrong with simple and classic. Sometimes you just want long, straight hair. When you are in the mood to let your hair down, use this classic Sedu hairstyle. Wash your hair and apply styling mousse from the ends to tips. Then blow dry your hair and use the sedu flat iron to straighten. Viola, you are done! This is a sleek, smooth, sexy look that begs for attention. Everyone wants long, smooth, shiny hair. Sedu can give that look to you.


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