Fun Teen Hairstyles

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Fun Teen Hairstyles

Hairstyles for teens are flexible and fun. Teenagers have a wide variety of styles to choose from. It doesn‘t matter if your hair is very short, or very long; there are eye–catching teen hairstyles for every length. Teens love to make a great first impression, and a stunning hairstyle can easily accomplish this. Read on to learn more about the most popular teen hairstyles.

Short Length Teenage Hairstyles

Hairstyles that are short are the easiest to maintain. They are also great if you are very active. A short hairstyle will require monthly trimming to keep it looking at its best.
•Crop — many textures and styles can be used with this haircut. The bangs can be swept to the side or left as is. Layering and feathering work well with this hairstyle.
•Bob — this can vary in length and usually frames the face.
•Wild Cut — this could also be called a “shag,” “punk,” or “emo” hairstyles. It depends on the way it is worn.
•Spike or Mohawk — you can easily spike short hair into numerous attractive styles by adding gels or hairspray. Razor cuts are often used in these hairstyles.
•Flippy — by just adding a little “flip” at the ends of your short hairstyle you can create a glamorous flippy style.

Medium Length Teenage Hairstyles

Mid–length hairstyles come in a variety of styles. You can do a lot with them, and they do not require a monthly trim, unless you want it. This length of hair is very adaptable and allows you to create several hairdos.
•Curly — whether natural or not, you can wear a curly style cut with small tight curls or long sweeping ones.
•Blunt — this is a wonderful style to wear for mid–length hair. To be a blunt cut, all of the hairs are the same length. It is often called a “bob” or “page” style.
•Undercut — an undercut hairstyle trims the underneath layers to add slight curls and softens the overall look of your hair.
•Shag — you can do several wonderful styles with multi–layered shag cuts.

Long Length Teenage Hairstyles

You can create several styles with long hair, but long hair does require more maintenance. To keep your long hair looking fabulous, you should take the critical time required to maintain it.
•Layered — you can layer long hair with a razor cut that creates uneven ends.
•Curls — by adding curls or waves to your hair, you can come up with many textures and styles for long hair. You can also change the size of the curls to create different long hairstyles.
•Bangs — if you simply add bangs to your long hair, you can create a whole new look. You can wear bangs in numerous ways to change the style also.


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