5 Danger of Having Friends Online Dating

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Just like the real world, the Internet is very vulnerable by a variety of crime. What is the most cases of fraud and burglary site. What about online dating? Dating online is creating a new way to get acquainted with people without having face to face, either through an online dating website, instant messenger (Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger), online games or social networking websites (Twitter, Facebook). However, beyond that, there is a latent danger that threatens its users. The following are five dangers in the internet dating:

1. You do not know who the other person actually

The first danger of course relates to the identity of the other person. Other person could have put a variety of fictitious information such as gender, age, photograph, or work. You’ll never know who he is before you ever actually meet face to face with him.

It would be very painful at all is not it, if it turns out you’ve wasted your time to share feelings with people who are fictitious. Identifying a fictitious person actually easy, he invites you to live to see four eyes directly. A fictitious person will usually be difficult to find a variety of reasons. Of course, if he would meet directly, it does not mean you escape from the dangers of Internet dating. Read the next point.

2. High risk of fraud

A man named Dale Bell in West Allis, United States, must be willing to lose thousands of dollars due to fraud on the Internet. Dale Bell was originally introduced by exchanging emails to a woman who called Oladele, a New Yorker who currently lives in Nigeria. Oladele then send photos and romantic emails to Dale.

Attracted to Oladele, the same woman he had never met, Dale without hesitation to send money with a total of more than 3000 dollars when Oladele promised to come to Milwaukee to meet him. Of course these people never came. After an investigation, it turns out Oladele wearing a photograph of a model named Nicole Hawaii to win over Dale. If there is a saying that says, an image equivalent to a thousand words, then for Dale and other fraud victims, an image equivalent to thousands of dollars.

The story above and many other stories that you can read in the newspaper is living proof that the online world is the world’s ‘evil’ if you can not use it properly.

3. Privacy issues

The next problem is the issue of privacy. E-mail address, home address, background, and the data you will be used for things that are not responsible if you’re too easy to include them in a foreign website. E-mail spamming and fraud are the things to look out for yourself when you give data on a website.

4. Physical violence

As I said at the first point, if you’ve met in person, it does not mean you escape from the dangers of online dating. You could have met with people who intend evil, either because they want to rob, kill, rape, or even meet with psychopaths. Beware especially if you are a woman, never met alone with people you only know via the Internet.

5. Counterfeiting relationship status

In September 2010, the British man, John Lorne McDonald should lose his life after being killed by Anselmo Locastales, a Filipino man. Anselmo is a genuine lover Nanqueen Romero, a woman whom he knew through a chat room. Apparently jealous of John Anselmo and stabbed him to death. Counterfeiting of such status is often the case in cyberspace and make yourself have a lot of problems when you are caught, say, with people who are married or have boyfriends.

Internet made ​​it easier to live, we all agree. However, it also provides ease of a gap for people who are not responsible for performing various kinds of crime. Always beware of what you see and read on the internet because after all, the online world is a man-made world.


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