Prepare Chinese Food at Home

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I encourage you to go to a chinese restaurant and taste the dishes suggested in this article before attempting to prepare them on your own. Once you know what your dish must taste like you should be able to tell if your meal is not measuring up.


Wash the rise thoroughly. Rinse the rice until the water is clear. If the water is not clear enough for you to drink, then it is not clear enough. Put the rise in an iron pot and add a quarter cup of cold water to every full cup of rise. After covering the pot boil for half an hour at a steady temperature. You are not to stir at any point. Don’t add salt. If done correctly in half an hour you will have a solid, flaky thoroughly cooked rice.

Yat Ko Main

Boil a quarter pound of noodles for approximately ten minutes. Remove from the hot water and soak in cold water. Then prepare the soup. To one quart of soup stock add an onion, a stalk of celery, chopped pepper, some salt and top it off with a tablespoon of syou. Boil for ten minutes. Remove the noodles from the cold water and add to the soup, boil for five more minutes after adding the noodles.

Lychee Chicken

Cut two pounds of chicken into small pieces and rub with salt. Fry two tablespoons of  sweet lard. After the lard turns a light brown add two tablespoons of syou and cover. Simmer for half an hour. Peel and stone a quart of lychee nuts. Add these to the chicken with  a minced onion, cook for twenty minutes. Serve with the rice.  

Fish Cakes

Pound dried fish into a fine powder after removing all the bones and skin. Mix the powdered fish with a quarter pound of crushed almonds.Add two cups of rice flour, a half teaspoon of salt, and two beaten eggwhites with a little cold water. Mix everything together, and this will make a thin paste. Roll the paste and cut into cakes. Place the cakes in the oven, add peanut oil and bake at a high temperature for approximately twenty minutes. After twenty minutes remove the fish cakes from the peanut oil, drain on paper and put in a low set oven until cakes are crisp.


Dissolve two tablespoons of chicken fat in a pan. After the fat is dissolved and hot add a chopped onion. Briefly remove the pan from the stove and add a tablespoon of flour, some salt, pepper, a little sugar and a bit of water. Put back on the stove and stir.  

If you follow these instructions you will have yourself a meal. You may be a bit intimidated by your little cooking experience, keep in mind that people learn through trial and error. It would be positive experience to at least try some of these recipes, if you fail absolutely you could just buy the food. 


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