Can Coffee Really Save Your Life?

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From the Arab world, coffee has spread to Europe and to the Americas. This addictive beverage has found its popularity amongst Asians as well. I profess to be a lover of coffee, would you care to join me for a cuppa? Anyone who loves coffee can attest to it, that it drives away fatigue and lethargy with its powerful and stimulating effects on keeping people awake–particularly, those desperate times when you are expected to be on your toes… whilst on duty!

Little do we know of the amazing and miraculous benefits, that are found in this wonderful beverage. One of these days in a moment of crisis, people will learn to appreciate that Coffee Can Really Save Your Life! You may find this incredible, but believe it or not–it certainly has the potential… to be your life saving grace!

Don’t I love to share its life-saving benefits with you? Here they are:-

  1. By consuming three cups of coffee a day, you keep the risk of basal cell skin cancer at bay! Due to its antioxidants to reduce inflammation and inhibit the growth of cellular tumour. This is a study discussed in Cancer Prevention Research in October 2011.
  1. If you drink one to five cups daily, your risk of having a stroke is reduced. It is known to decrease significantly the risks of stroke, cerebral infarction and subarachnoid haemorrhage in the Brain.
  1. The good news for women who drink four cups a day–you are less likely to have depression! I am certain you know that caffeine is used widely as a central nervous system stimulant. People feel more alert, energetic and even in good spirit under the influence of caffeine.
  1. Can you believe that with six cups of it daily, you are less likely to have Type 2 Diabetes than those who drink less than two cups?–provided you don’t add in a lot of sugar! I know some people would feel the vibrating effects, if they should consume that much–unless they build up a tolerance to it.
  1. Out of the blues you have now heard of coffee drinkers who are less likely to develop the potentially, deadly Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus; which is a superbug infection in their nostrils! Recent study has discovered that by drinking only hot coffee or hot tea, (not cold) as you inhale in its aroma, increases your resistance to MRSA via nasal carriage. This superbug infection is found rampantly in hospitals…killing many patients in the past, as it is in the present.
  1. Those of you who drink four cups per day, are eighty percent less likely to develop Liver Cirrhosis than those who don’t drink it at all. There is an ingredient in it, but not tea, that prevents cirrhosis–particularly Alcoholic Cirrhosis!
  1. Rejoice, all you women coffee lovers! Even if you drink decaffeinated, your risk of death from all causes is reduced by twenty percent. What is its magic bullet? The answer is the antioxidants which reduce the risk of death attributed to cardiovascular or inflammatory diseases.
  1. Men who love it are comforted to know, that if you drink six cups each day–your chances of developing lethal prostate cancer are indeed, less likely!
  1. What if I tell you, that six cups a day will reduce sixty-three percent of likelihood to having Parkinson’s disease? But for women, it will only be effective for those who are not on Hormone Replacement Therapy!
  1. Scientific research reveals that caffeine inhibits biliary cholesterol crystallization, thus increasing hepatic bile flow and decreasing the development of gall stones.

With all these amazing and awesome benefits, can coffee actually save your life? Oh yes, definitely! I am very impressed and convinced, by the fact that it really does. Given the studies researched and the facts revealed, my question is, “what is your reaction? “
More Coffee–anyone?



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