Home Interior Design Themes

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Home Interior Design Themes


Your family may be one of those who love the beach. Having a home themed like your favorite getaway is completely relaxing for the whole family. To make your home have that placid feel of the beach, the interiors should be pale blue to suggest the color of the sky or turquoise for the color the sea. For more warmth, you can incorporate these colors with gold and yellow being the color of the sun. You can also use white as a base color just to keep everything fresh and connect to each other. Furniture could have an aged look and preferably made of wood, hemp fibers, cotton upholstered steel and glass. Drift woods and seashells are great accents and details for common spaces.


China is known for its rich culture embedded in various art forms. Chinese interior design revolves in the harmony of bold and rich colors.  Metallic colors like gold and copper are dominant in furnishings. Furniture pieces are either gilded with gold or hand painted with translucent images of flowers, mountains and clouds. The Chinese are greatly associated with the color red. This color can be used for upholstery or other accents paired with the color gold. Accessories may include figures of Chinese mythical creatures like the dragon. Chinese calligraphy framed in the living room can be a great accent. Porcelain jars, large vases and colorful fish pots are great accents too.


The old concern comes alive in a Mediterranean themed interior. The Mediterranean design has this classy feel that never gets out of style. Its free-flowing and rustic feel would make a home cozy and subdued. Earth colors should be prevalent in the walls and decors. Furniture sets may include wrought iron chairs and tables, copper colored furnishings, ceramic or terracotta, woven tapestry and rustic earthenware accents

Tropical Forest

The feel of outdoors can be enjoyed right inside your home. Make your interiors look darker but not dull by using deep earth colors paired with lush greens and textured to keep it interesting. Furniture should be made of wood. Furniture cut from on piece of log like table tops make a good accent or you can veneer some existing furniture with wood grain. Hard wood floor will make the whole concept look free flowing and consistent. Put woody indoor plants into focal points of the house. The stem of the woody plant and its fresh green leaves suggest the feel of the rain forest.    


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