Getting New Clients Fast – A Simple Strategy to Get More Clients

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Need new customers – in a hurry? Usually the party line is to preach patience and long-term thinking, but what if the maturity of the bills now? Read on to learn some strategies that can fill your bank account in a hurry:

1. Run a special

Create a special package or two of their regular offerings, including popular items or services and throw in a bonus too tempting. The following are offered at an irresistible price and send the offer to their customers and especially to each and every one of your prospects.

2. Check with your former clients

If you went or just broke – check in with them and ask how things have gone. That may be ready to go back! And though not perhaps meet others who could relate to you.

3. Look at past successes and replicate

Take a trip down memory and record what you actually have all their previous customers. You may come across people contact and resources that could be used again.

4. Special offer bribes for referrals

Referral Programs are becoming increasingly common, even offline. Offer a special reward for anyone who brings a new customer … or three. Run a contest with a really good price (a weekend at a B & B for example, or a gift certificate for dinner at a nice restaurant. Perhaps an iPhone or an iPod. Just make sure there are a number minimum of references should have brought the winner, especially if the price is expensive.

5. Go where your customers are

Where are your ideal clients out? What do you do? Go to meet them. And if they have special events or on a network, make sure you are there. If you’re not sure – ask your current customers.

6. Spread the word

Use social media and press releases to get the word out quickly. Create a tempting “act now” offer and write articles and press releases for promotion. Using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or use to manage them all. Consider placing ads in strategic places, or even placing ads (note that readers should be narrowly focused on the perspective of destination) depending on what is appropriate for your business.

7. Make sure you have a customer magnet blog

WordPress blog can be the ultimate tool for attracting customers. Be sure to post there offerings, along with useful information for your target audience. If you have a blog optimized for the keywords and articles of use, social media, and perhaps other tools to generate traffic to it, you can get quick results.

Finally, be sure to use their contacts to include reference to its partners as a basis for getting the word out and driving more potential customers your way.


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