Crazy Money Making Ideas That Worked

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Antenna Balls

These little things attached to the top of car antennas seem like some trashy trinkets that one can live without but still Jack Wall made a million-dollar industry just by selling these antenna balls online.


Rebecca Rescate, her husband and his cat moved into a small apartment in New York. The smell of the cat’s litter was really intolerable in such small spaces so Rebecca thought of toilet-training her husband’s cat. After several weeks, the cat was toilet trained.

But Rebecca eventually realized that there wasn’t any product manufactured to aid in the process of toilet-training pets so voila, she developed CitiKittyCitiKitty is basically a training kit that comes with a customized seat that retracts as the cat gets accustomed to the potty.


Phil Black designed playing cards with workout vignettes of his experience as a Navy Seal and trainer. A pack was sold for $18.95 and it was surely a big hit for he made $4.7 million out of this simple idea.

Lucky Wishbone

One needs turkey served on the table to pull out that one lucky wishbone but that was then until the Lucky Wishbone Company had a bright idea of manufacturing plastic wishbones so that anybody could make their wishes anytime they want.

The company had already produced thousands of these plastic wishbones and earned more than a million dollars.

Virtual Farming

This scheme was a big hit in China a couple years ago. Some players of online role playing games sell the gold they earned on the game and sell it to other players who are in a rush to earn lots of this gold.

Do Now I Don’t

What would you do if your fiancée backed-out from your wedding, returned her engagement ring and leaved you broken-hearted? Joshua Opperman organized an online support service for men that face the same situation. And eventually his heartbreak faded away as home-based business boomed.

Reserve a Spot in Heaven

This really sound crazy, but Nathan Davis and Edgar Kim established an online business that promises to reserve you your own space in heaven for the price of $13. This amount covers a package that includes a certificate of reservation, first-class ticket to heaven’s gate, an identification card and a travel guide.

Heart Attack Grill

This restaurant in Chandler Arizona surely wants its customers to have a heart attack. Their specialties are unhealthy food that includes French fries-all you can and half-pound burgers cooked in lard. Ironically, the restaurant is hospital themed with its waitresses dressed as nurses, cooks as surgeons and customers should put on their hospital gowns.

Lice’n Easy

Marsha Hills can professionally handle any hair lice dilemma. This lady from Huntington Beach California would do home service for nitpicking and lice eradication. This business is such a relief for many parents.

Red Rider Leg Lamps

Brian Jones started this business way back in 2003 in San Diego California. The idea was simple, they would sell lamps with bases that are shaped like woman’s leg clad with a stocking. These lamps are made to resemble the lamp featured in the 1983 movie A Christmas Story.


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