Games For The Brain

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Computer games are good for the brain, especially in Seniors. Studies have shown that exercising the brain helps to keep it sharp and alert. Playing games that require extensive use of the brain helps those who had strokes or who have early stages of
Alzheimer’s. As the body needs exercise, the brain does also. Playing games is more than just playing the games for fun, they help exercise the mind. In addition, brain games are a great stress reliever at the end of a hard day at work!

Games for Memory

When you remember or recall something, you are using the Temporal and Frontal Lobes of the brain. It’s like pulling up a file on the computer that you have not looked at in awhile.

Games to improve this area are the spot the differences in pictures, trivia games, memory games; even Jeopardy would be good for this part of the brain.


When you speak, understand speech, or read, you are using the Parietal Lobe of the brain. Word games are excellent for this. Crossword puzzles, Text Twist, Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble type games are great for this part of the brain.

Executive Function

When you use your mental and thinking skills, you use the Frontal Lobe. Sudoku, math games, strategy games are good for this, as is Mahjong and shooter games like Zuma, Luxor.

Motor function

This is your hand-eye movement control of the brain through interaction of nerves and muscles. This is in the Cerebellum, where the parietal edge comes together with the Frontal Lobe at the Motor Strip in the brain. Sims type games are good for this. The Diner Dash games, bowling games,

Visual and Spatial

This part of the brain tracks movement, perception, and attention to objects through the eyes are in the Occipital and Temporal Lobes of the brain. The Match-3 and Breakout games like Bejeweled 2, Cradle of Rome, and Collapse games….even the Jigsaw puzzles are great for this area of the brain. The Seek and Find games would be here also, as the brain needs to recognize what objects look like.

Most of these games are offered on most game sites. Reflexive has most of these game for anywhere between $6 to $10 when you buy them.

There are also some non-computer games that are great for a brain work-out. Try a counting backwards exercise, by 5’s or some other even number. Playing with a Rubiks Cube or other 3-D puzzle will help in memory and problem solving.


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