1913 – The Year We Lost America

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I was going to write a few op-ed pieces on the Federal Reserve, but as I looked into it, began digging around and reading, I realized it might already be too late to ‘save’ the country. December of 1913 is when we ‘lost’ the country, long before we were even born. Not by war or visual
over-throw, but by a handful of money-hungry men who thought they could control the country by money. And yes, they are still controlling the country by money.

Towards the end of December in 1913, there were only a handful of Congressmen on the floor to vote on and pass the Federal Reserve Act, which was then signed by then President Wilson. You could have counted them on one hand. Most of Congress was out for the holiday break, and not due back until January. And that only left just a few to decide on the future of the country. He later regretted signing it, saying, “I have unwittingly ruined my country”.

Over the next 20 years, the country was slowly going into bankruptcy. By 1928-29, banks were failing right and left, much like they are today. Back then, the money was backed by gold and silver….even on the paper money, it said this note is backed by gold and silver. Even though the Federal Reserve could have, it did nothing to stop the downhill spiral that was happening. By the 1930’s, America was in the deepest depression it’s ever known.

To get themselves out of a bind, they though FDR, in 1933 ordered the confiscation of gold and silver from the people. They then issued ‘new money’ in place of what the people had. This new money was no longer backed by gold or silver. And there was no mention of gold and silver on the new paper money notes. It was basically, IOU’s from the Government. We still have that today. Essentionally, the money wasn’t worth the paper it’s printed on…and it’s still not.

If we were to return to the Gold Standard, and have the money backed by gold and silver again, we could pay off our national debt in just a few years. Technically speaking, we are STILL a bankrupt nation….not heading towards, but we never got out of it from the 1930’s!

The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE banking system, and not connected in any way to the Government. It’s profits come from the interests made on the loans it makes to other countries, and to our own Government. The Federal Reserve is Unconstitutional in the fact,
that within the Constitution itself, it states the Government is the only one to make the money supply. And they stopped making money in 1913.

Over the years since, there have been people who were courageous enough to stand up and try to get rid of the Federal Reserve, none have been able to, a few have died trying. JFK’s Executive Order #11110 to get rid of the Federal Reserve is still in effect. Congress either has over time, forgotten about it, or is unwilling to enforce it.


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