Aloe-Vera For Skin Care

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Many people have experienced the healing powers of the Aloe Vera plant when applied topically to a cut or burn. Yet the reason it works is not commonly known. Research shows us there are five natural occurring anti-inflammatory agents that exist along with growth factors located in the plant. They work together quickly to relieve pain sensations, reverse scarring and speed healing miraculously! The healing magic of drinking Aloe Vera is also supported through scientific research and ancient writings of traditional use of the plant.  First and foremost Aloe Vera is classified as an herbal bitter. The bitter portions of the plant also known as anthraquinones are located just under the outer leaf. So if you drink the Whole Leaf  Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate – still containing the bitter yellow sap as nature provides in the plant itself – you will receive this wonderful digestive bitter. Be aware that products that state they remove aloin and aloe emodin are void of the bitter properties from Aloe Vera.

In my clinical practice I found adults and children were lacking in their ability to digest foods properly. Taken before meals this slightly pungent juice Aloe Vera – stimulates digestive juices to flow properly into the stomach and small intestines. Gastric juices are essential to break down the foods we eat for absorption into the cells. Aloe Vera helps the stomach, liver and pancreas to work properly for digestion on every level .Harvard Medical School has proven in their studies on aging that desired hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels in the stomach reduce dramatically as people age. This is one reason why increased digestive disorders are found in the elderly. People get heartburn, gas, indigestion and even reflux when they are not secreting proper gastric juices.  When we lack our digestive health we do not absorb properly and can experience a myriad of poor health conditions to include; premature aging of the skin, gum disease, acne, psoriasis, fatigue, allergies, immunity imbalances and even osteoporosis. Our health does depend on what foods we eat yet very importantly the amounts we absorb into the cells daily. See for yourself as I have – how the body can rebuild itself and reverse aging from the inside out by drinking a quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate daily. To optimize health and beauty we must optimize our digestion!

Skin health is achieved through addressing two crucial factors. First an individual must optimize how the body works. Second an individual must maximize the body to build healthy lining cells that cover the body on the inside and out. Several areas must be implemented for success when rebuilding the health of the skin


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