The Necessity of The Time Sheet

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Timesheet is a mandatory implementation in every organization and implementation of timesheet will help a lot in reducing the frequency of the disputes between the employees and the supervisors/employers . It is also a very effective way to track the labor cost and hence the business accounting can be made more accurate and error free .

Timesheet has become an integral part of any business today and also it has become an indispensible part of the organisation . This is a formal proof and a document to view the amount the worker has to be paid based on the amount of hours he has worked . This also helps the employers to assign the task to the employees and this can be easily done with the help of the timesheet software , while assigning the tasks to the employees there should not be over utilization and under utilization of the employees for these things timesheet can be of great help .

The most common type of timesheet used is of web based . This web based timesheet helps the project members who are geographically divided to record the time they have spent on doing a particular tasks in a much effectively and quicker way . As these software are digital they don’t occupy any physical space in the living room or in the office . But in the case of paper based timesheet it needs additional care to be taken and also additional employee to look after it besides it occupies lot of physical place to store them .

As another time saving feature in the case of web based timesheet if the previous day’s work and today’s work are the same then the employee can just copy and past the yesterday’s work but these cases are impossible in the case of paper based timesheet . Normally the works in assembly unit of factory will be the same and these people can use this feature of web based timesheet as a time saving feature .

As the project proceeds the information that are entered in the timesheet can be framed to graph that will be easy to compare the growth of the projects . This will help the project lead to have a clear idea of what is actually going on and also to keep track if the team is surging towards to the completion of the assigned task . In many ways the timesheet is indespensible of any organisation irrespective of the size of the organisation .


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