Seven Unique Advantages to Owning an Information Marketing Business

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Have you always wanted to start your own business from the days of childhood are lemonade? Not sure what business focus in particular on the market today? Did you know that the business of information marketing has seven unique advantages over other proven business models?

A unique advantage: There is a low barrier to entry. You can start with very little money.

When I was in the restaurant business, each store cost about $ 150,000 to $ 200,000 in equipment improvements and the tenant of the location. It was a lot of money just to enter, and this was no guarantee of success. We never knew if the location would be a winner and would be able to cover or recover our money. We were just hoping that I could make a profit.

There is a very high barrier to entry for traditional brick and mortar businesses. With marketing information, you can start profiting almost in the next 24 hours. You can turn the key and start the profits come in. It will not be much at first, so do not quit your day job, but you can start generating revenue quickly.

2 unique advantage: a tremendous advantage.

You can replace a lot of repetitive manual tasks that traditionally have to do with the things that can be automated and delegated to the business. This is unlike the restaurant business where they work with customers and answer their questions do every day. In the business of information marketing, this can be fully automated.

And the best part is that your business matures and becomes more sophisticated, the easier it will handle most things automatically.

3 unique benefits: Low amount of customer interaction. You do not have to spend much time responding to customers.

The programs and the product group, you can create a highly successful and profitable business and the impact of a lot of people. This is the key. Many of you have a passion for what you do. Want to change the world and help many people. You can help people even more when it is bogged down solving specific customer problems, a problem that requires a lot of time. You can never satisfy.

With a business marketing information, you can minimize or eliminate interaction with the customer. Only your best customers will get access to you. Another advantage is that your income does not stop when you stop working with clients. This is a big problem for many professional consultants, trainers, therapists and speakers.

4 unique advantage: You do not need a team.

This is one of those misconceptions. I will say that the companies most successful information marketers have employees. The more successful they get, the more employees they have. Some are current employees or virtual assistants and other independent professionals who work with them. They build great teams that allow them to grow faster.

But you can start in your spare time with the member of staff of one. That. And when you grow up, and hopefully you will grow quickly, you can add more people to your team. They do not have to work with you in your office. They can work remotely.

5 unique advantage: You can do outside of your home office. No need to rent space.

When I started my business, the most comfortable place to work was my couch. I had my laptop on my legs, my legs on an ottoman, and that’s how I was writing my messages and recordings of my first products.

Picture me sitting on my couch in my living room just enjoying my surroundings and create something that, to date, generating income. I had to get up and go to work, drive in traffic or dealing with coworkers or rude and demanding rebel leaders. It was from my home office.

Today, I have my business out of my home office in Irvine, California. My house team consists of myself, my wife and my assistant, and I have a team of virtual assistants, audio technicians and web designers.

Our business is very large and sophisticated, but did not start this way. It started very, very small. My goal is to show exactly how to do, assuming you know nothing, they have very limited resources and do not know technology. This is how I want to help you get started, step by step.

6 unique advantage: potential for huge profits.

This happens for two reasons. First, information products and programs of great brands. Something that costs $ 1 can sell for $ 10, $ 20, $ 100, and in some cases up to $ 1,000. Its hardware costs are very low and your profits will be very high.

We used to call my restaurant a “penny” business. You have to watch every penny that is spent or lost because the profit margins are slim. In the marketing information, you can afford to make big mistakes and still make a profit. That’s a big advantage.

You do not have that luxury in any other business. The utility has definitely not, because they employ professionals from other services they can offer some of the work to clients. If you make a mistake, which is paid to fix it? None of this happens with marketing information.

7 unique advantage: The business of information marketing is scalable.

Once created the formula and the platform, which allows the business to be fired. It’s almost like revving a car engine. It may take awhile but once you leave, they will take off like a rocket.

Once everything is built and know how to handle it, can Rev It Up, throttle, and the business will soar. Why? It is leveraged and not up to you. Formula is dependent duplicable, systems automation and delegation. This lets you rapidly accelerate your business and its scale.

How do you duplicate? I know many who often thinks to himself, “I wish there was another me. I wish I could somehow clone”. It’s not so easy when you are single professional. Hire another professional of his caliber, education, personality, characteristics and skills is virtually impossible. It’s hard to team up with more people.

Marketing information has no traditional barriers more conventional starters, it has incredible potential for growth, profitability and success. Here’s to your success!


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