Spec. William C. Millay's Attorney Says He's Innocent of Espionage Charges.

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Army Spec. William Millay and his family have retained attorney Stephen Karns of Dallas, Texas.

Karns specializes in military law and was involved in the legal proceedings of the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal.

Karns has only spoken with Millay by phone but does inform the AP that Millay has claimed his innocence.

“He doesn’t sound like he has a malicious bone in his body or malevolent intent,” Karns said. He “seems like a really good kid.”

The Army and the FBI have said very little about the case, even to Karns.

Charges are now said to be filed early next week. Originally they were to be filed by Friday.

“They’re still holding their cards pretty close to the chest,” informed Karns.

His father, Byron Kevin Millay, has said he was not at liberty to discuss the case. I have spoken to other members of the family and others in Owensboro. Very little is known except speculation. Family members, understandably, will all refer questions to Karns.

Army officials are stating that no information was ever transmitted by Karns and that he was being observed before any damage could occur.

Neither the Army nor the Obama administration have publicly stated exactly what Millay was arrested for. However, the Army is refusing to allow the federal government to prosecute Millay and will handle the case themselves.


The US Army Times wrote:

“Friends from Millay’s hometown were “shocked” to hear of his arrest and said the charges were uncharacteristic of Millay. One friend, Janssen Payne, said Millay is “as loyal to his country as he is to his best friends.” “I just don’t see it,” Payne, 25, said of the Army’s accusations. “I just don’t see the motivation for him to do it.” Payne said Millay’s brother was a soldier and that Millay was a supporter of the wars and then-President George W. Bush when the two of them were in high school. “He was really patriotic and really loved his country,” Payne said.”


I have been informed that some family members are taking this rather hard. So, I ask that readers wait for more information to come out before making assumptions. Also please respect the family’s privacy and allow them to work through this. Anyone who has had experience in the courtroom knows that it affects not only the accused but friends and family as well.

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