Top 10 PC Games In Early 2011

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1. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty 10 years of waiting, Blizzard finally released the latest set of best-selling sci-fi RTS. In SCII: WOL, we simply follow the adventures of Jim Raynor and Raynor Raider to save humanity Zerg invasion threat again active after idle for four years. The lack of Protoss and Zerg campaign made a number of parties even more upset price for the Standard Edition will be too expensive, but at least there is a Protoss mini-campaign in this WOL that can provide a little ‘fun. In a fairly standard story of WOL, Jim Raynor who still can not forget Kerrigan and desperate, because it is against Terran Dominion Emperor Mengsk often led to no progress on ways to make an offer Tychus Findlay, a former Marine known as Raynor her during the Confederates later jailed on charges of treason and criminal, looking for objects Xel’Naga.

Tychus who now works for the Moebius Foundation promising that Raynor will have a lot of money to finance their rebellion against the rule. Later, Raynor will also meet with other figures such as Gabriel Tosh, a Rastafarian who is a ghost of the Old Dominion is carrying out acts of sabotage against the government of Mengsk, there is also a doctor. Ariel Hanson, a researcher at Agria are determined to save the colony from attack Protoss and Zerg, Raynor Ariel looked like a gentleman who can help. Zeratul has also emerged and can be controlled in a mini-campaign that tells their efforts to solve the prediction Xel’Naga and save the universe from destruction. Serpentine story is very interesting because, in some missions, we must make decisions that can affect the other characters and storylines. We also curious about the motivations and Tosh Tychus joining Raynor’s Raiders, and if you can trust?

2 Mass Effect 2 BioWare probably one of the developers of the game with a brilliant work. Furthermore harvest always the success of its publications game, this Canadian game developers are often criticized because often contain sex scenes in the game. If you see some games that have appeared on the market can not be denied more. With Mass Effect, BioWare shows scenes of sex between man and alien races. Cash, but also raised a controversy. The next game titles have also been a debate Dragon Age: Origins. The games are not only display a variety of scenes of violence, but sex scenes of the same sex. Although there are still under fire, but Bioware instead of kapok, but instead of continuing to show a sex scenes more exciting. It is manufactured in their last game entitled Mass Effect 2 in different stages of the game BioWare fun back in sex. Although still relatively “safe”, but it seems to be back fishing game controversies.

3.Civilization V. Civilization V (also known as Civilization 5) is a strategy turn-based game created by Firaxis. In this game, players can bring to civilization from prehistory to the future. This game is the new game of Civilization series, and should be released in the last quarter of this akna 2010Permainan include modding and multiplayer

4 Bad Company 2 Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the multiplayer online is important, the card has a large, environment altered, the vehicle is really strong, and the incredible sound design. It is interesting scenery is a feast for the eyes and the environment destroyed the impressive form key elements of gameplay. The single player campaign has a wealth of cinematic moments and is a 6-7 hour experience, but the real star here is the event multiplayer keep you coming back to play more.

5. BioShock 2  2 ioshock, did not follow the story of the adventures of Jack in the first version. This game really is the setting for some eight years before the first version, and here the player assumes the role of Big Daddy. For players could name BioShock Big Daddy, is no stranger more. Yes, it is one of the characters antogonis which is the main enemy of Bioshock. For sound quality, it seems that BioShock 2 is without a doubt. Various sound effects sound great in the game, if it is a sad moan that the effects of a devastating explosion. One, because it acts as Big Daddy, who always wear a helmet and some of the voices in this game as on success in the players wore helmets. For example, the sound of wailing little sister who is often on the shoulders of the players. When tested with the voice mode 5.1, the voice sounds a little dull and echoing the same when you wear a helmet.

6 Assassin ‘s Creed 2 overall control of this game is the same prekuelnya, Assassins Creed. It can run and free-run, a slight push, etc. – Other. It ‘interesting now is the protagonist, Ezio, the “mix” with people – people around (the first series to be with the monks). However, he is now more difficult to hang because it is a “Most Wanted” Altair. The story of this game is pretty simple, but interesting. Ezio says they want revenge on the people – those who have betrayed her father and took his father and two brothers were killed. The surprise was the end of this game. For those of you who do not finish it as soon as tamatkan this game and you know what I mean.

7 Just Cause 2 realistic, Just Cause 2 is an example of a game that takes pengalama just the facts. You are invited to the island of Panau in Southeast Asia, with the size of a thousand square kilometers. Falls from helicopters on the ground under unstable political conditions, searching for former boss and mentor you. Players have a weapon skill, with friends in local factions as aid intelejan accompany the hunt. Your enemy is the repressive dictator. They see you as a mercenary Scorpio. The mission began. The key to this game is a disorder that can make you fail the mission. The task is difficult because the conditions Panau tropical forests, deserts and mountains and even snow. This image is far from realistic, but the scenery is quite impressive. Details of any arrangement to clear textures, and effects – particularly water – really excels. During the game you will be pampered with a range of options.

8 Metro 2033 persistence of human beings to survive, not something that can dipandangsebelah eye. This is clearly seen in the subway in 2033. by David Novan from a fictional story told in the Russian novel, Metro 2033 is a story in the world after nuclear war-torn world led to more habitable. To prevent acid rain and smog that covers the world radioactive, the population has fled to Russia in the subway system, called Metro. The extension of the subway is every season has its own culture. Like the city subway. You play one of the inhabitants of the underground city.

9 Splinter Cell Conviction Splinter Cell: Conviction, the latest series of the Splinter Cell series of stories. It’s no different than previous versions, this game is also still showing a figure in a frightening secret agent Sam Fisher. But the difference if the first Fisher is equipped with all sophisticated equipment, in this game, he has actually done very simple. Even without wearing a dress or a Military Night Vision is often used before.

10 STALKER Call of Pripyat STALKER –  Since these first games, Call of Pripyat is a FPS game that is full of RPG elements. Players in tasks other NPCs are scattered in different places, acquire new weapons and equipment more efficient, and generally trying to make the area stronger adventures. The whole world of Call of Pripyat is divided into several different areas, and beginning players will play in an area called Zaton. Players will begin his adventure to carry AK 47, a gun, ammunition and some of the treatment. Players walk through a ghost town, which had previously been residents crowded. The game should be released on March 31 2010.Call Pripyat is graphic displays are made as close as possible to their original locations, such as the Pripyat town, Yanov railway station, Jupiter factory, village Kopac, et al.

You can choose different options for exploration, mission operations, or equipment. You can play alone or together against the enemy, bombing, or mengancurkan military means. Each player to exploit the capabilities of polarization is different, and play it your way.

This game also introduced the function of sleep, the new player interface and the ability to continue playing after finishing the free play mode.



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