Medical Explanation of Some Weird Health Symptoms

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Do you often get shivers and cramped feet? Do you feel embarrassed when you are awakened by a jerk while sleeping on the subway and later on realize that it was your own body? These weird symptoms are generally taken as some irritating body habits, but here is what you need to know about these odd symptoms, what they mean and how you can be relieved from them.

If you feel light-headed when you suddenly stand up, it is possible that you are suffering from mild dehydration. However, if you are diagnosed with low blood pressure, then this sensation could be due to postural hypotension which happens when blood flashes to your legs and slightly drains the blood from your head as you suddenly stand up. The best thing to do is to take in as much liquids as you can and make sure that you stand up slowly and carefully every time. Go and seek medical help if you feel this more often than normal and if it makes you faint.

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night and find out that you can’t move your feet because it’s painfully cramped? Foot cramps are just one of the ugliest feelings to wake up to. According to experts, cramps may be caused by a slight imbalance of electrolytes in the body like magnesium, calcium or potassium. It may also be triggered by mild dehydration. When you experience this, find strength to stand up, massage your leg muscles and walk around. If you notice that you are getting foot cramps every night and even during daytime while walking, go to your doctor because it might be caused by a nerve damage or blood-clot disorder.

Another weird occurrence during sleep time is body jerks. These sleep starts may be caused by nerves that fail to send the right signal as your body and brain go to sleep. According to medical experts, these body jerks are harmless and that there is no specific method to prevent it. It’s a good thing they happen only for a few seconds. But, if you experience this recurrently and is already upsetting your sleeping habits, then you must have yourself properly diagnosed by your physician because you might be suffering from sleep apnea or sporadic limb movement disorder.

What about when you wake up abruptly and your heart begins to thump rapidly? The only explanation to this is adrenaline rush. Your body naturally releases adrenaline when you get startled. Especially if you are suddenly awakened from a vivid dream and the rate of your heartbeat is generally high at this time. This should not worry you because in a few minutes, your heart will beat normally again. See your doctor if you experience dizziness or chest pains.

Moving on to other weird health symptoms, getting a painful bump under your arm could be a swollen lymph node, which is a clear indication of internal infection. But, it can simply be caused by an ingrown hair in your underarm which you often get from improper shaving. Applying warm compress on the swollen area can do wonders in just a week of doing it daily. In the event that it gets worse, see a doctor immediately because it might be caused by a more serious condition like a cyst or breast infection.

Furthermore, persistent ringing in your ears should not be ignored. It could be tinnitus, an apparent buzzing sound that is due to partial loss of hearing. It could also be attributed to some meds like antibiotics and aspirin or earwax buildup perhaps. Lastly, it could be caused by allergies. If you hear this ringing in just one ear or if it comes with vertigo, facial weakness or balance problems, then it could mean an acoustic nerve lump.

Cracking jaws on the other hand may be connected to your jaw joint that is not working properly or misaligned from the socket. Your jaw should be able to correct itself eventually but if it is too painful and accompanied by headaches and locked jaw then you must go to the hospital. It could be a disorder of your jaw joint or it could be arthritis.

Last but the not least is sneezing three times consecutively. Even if you sneeze in fours, doctors say that it is perfectly normal since it is the body’s protective response when there is an irritant inside your nasal passages. When you sneeze a number of times, your nose simply wants to get rid of something irritating and you’ll continue to sneeze until the irritant is gone.


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