Natural Way of Dealing With Hyperacidity

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Medical experts this generation have started to realize the role that hyperacidity plays in some conditions. For example, many coughs and colds that used to be treated with drugs have now been linked to allergies or stress, with hyperacidity as part of the trigger for the discomfort that the person feels. If you are prone to hyperacidity, you are likely familiar with the queasy stomach, the cough that never seems to go away, or the headache that never seems to have any cause. This is not to mention the flatulence or whatever other discomfort that does not seem to be directly related with any sickness.

And if you are like most people struggling with hyperacidity, you might be limited to taking antacids regularly and you might be wishing for a natural way to deal with your hyperacidity:

1. Manage your stress levels by adjusting your lifestyle. Scientists have discovered that stress triggers the release of more acids in a person’s stomach. As such, dealing with your hyperacidity will require more than just taking medication: you need to adjust your lifestyle. Lifestyle-wise, stress is triggered when you have a schedule that is too busy and pressure-packed. You might benefit from scheduling some recreation time into your weekly routine, or at least making sure that you do not schedule a 48-hour workload into a 24-hour day. Rushing from appointment to appointment also contributes to your vulnerability to stress.
2. Manage your stress levels by improving your attitude. Now, this is a bit more complicated to do: lifestyle change may be tinkered with externally, but attitude is something that you cannot see and yet springs out in the worst of moments. If you are short-tempered, you need to learn to manage your temper. How do you do that? Some people advice counting to ten before flaring up, while others have mantras that they repeat in order to keep their tempers at bay. However, those who have reported continued success at managing their tempers share a unique method: understanding that they do not have to be in control as there is a Supreme Being who is in control and is looking out for their good. Many people who have embraced this mindset have reported a permanent mellowing of their attitudes.
3. If you cannot change your attitude, try to avoid high-stress scenarios if at all possible. This is not necessarily escapism, but during times when you feel all stretched out and unable to face stressful situations, you do not need to force yourself to continue a meeting with the person whom you feel is the most irritating figure in your entire life. Unless there is really no way out of it, learn to say no. Your well-being will thank you for that.
4. Opt for foods that are not high in acid value. Nutrition is also one factor you can alter naturally in your quest to get rid of your hyperacidity. Highly acidic foods include citric fruits like lemons, oranges and limes. Carbonated drinks also have high acid content, as do spicy foods. As such, picking foods that are less prone to trigger the release of stomach acids would likely benefit you greatly.
5. Make sure you get enough rest. In addition to changing your lifestyle, nutrition, and attitude, making sure you get plenty of rest also plays a role. This includes getting enough sleep as well as relaxation times throughout your day. One patient who used to suffer from ulcers shared how having deep breathing exercises regularly throughout the day has helped him relax, which also improved his stress levels and overall acid levels.

In a nutshell, you can see that it’s possible to reverse the debilitating effects of hyperacidity in your life. You do not have to let it run its course and cause stomach ulcers or more serious conditions in your body. You can take charge now, make the necessary adjustments the natural way, and kiss your hyperacidity goodbye!


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