The Five Basic Questions You Should Ask That Flyer Printer

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Before you work with that flyer printer, you better be critical and review what kind of service they really have.  Without the right kind of knowledge as you print your flyers, you might actually get stuck getting the worst and useless ones because you did not prepare and inquire correctly as you worked with that flyer printer.

So, to help you avoid such troubles, I will give you the five basic questions that you should always ask that flyer printer. Once you ask all these and get the right honest answers, you will know if you will want to go ahead with printing those flyers or not.

1. How much can I save in wholesale printing? – One of the very first things that you will want to ask the flyer printer is about wholesale printing. Ask if they offer wholesale printing discounts and how can you save money if you are printing a lot more flyers.

In fact, try to ask about the different discount packages that they have.  Sometimes you have to ask before they actually give you the current discount orders. This can help a lot minimize your cost in printing, so make sure you ask this first.

2. Is there a way to customize the materials used in printing? – It is good to ask about the options for printing your flyers. Make sure to determine if you can customize the specific materials that will be used. It is actually best if you can control the paper materials, the inks and other embedded elements in the flyer itself.

Make sure that you can customize these yourself and of course if you have a wide variety of options for the paper, inks and embedded elements. The more you can customize these technical details the better the printer should be for you.

3. Can you give me actual samples of your work? – Remember of course to try and ask about the actual samples of their work. Actual flyer printing samples will tell a lot about the best work that that printing service can do for you. So try to see if they can actually give you or even deliver to you a sample of their flyer work.

See if the quality is okay and if generally it is durable and appealing.  If the flyers look decently impressive enough, then this should be a promising printer. If it just looks like a cheap printout, then maybe it is best to go for someone more popular.

4. What are our delivery options? – The best flyer printing services are the ones that actually deliver the prints after printing. So ask your prospective flyer printer about their delivery options. What is their coverage? Do they deliver to your location? How about other specific locations that you want flyers to be distributed to? How fast to they deliver? What courier service do they use?

By determining all the specifics about the delivery, you can judge if the printer is a good partner that makes flyer printing more convenient, or if you will have to do some extra work just to get those flyers out. It is best of course to work with the ones that have good delivery options, so make sure you choose the best one that has it.

5. Can you promise or guarantee anything? – Lastly, you should check on their service guarantees. Most professional firms always guarantee quality or guarantee satisfaction. This guarantee is typically legally binding, assuring customers that they will get what they paid for. So make sure that your own flyer printing company has guarantees for your printing order. The better and more confident the guarantee looks like, the more ideal this printing firm is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Try to ask all the questions above and their supporting follow ups. You should be able to be more prepared with flyer printing once you ask all these. So ask them now!

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