How to be Eco Friendly to Save The World

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God created the world with lush forests, beautiful trees and pure air for us to breathe. But what do we see now? The world is facing destruction because of our callous indifference in keeping our environment clean. We have improved leaps and bounds in technology, but as far as environment is concerned we are the losers. It is time for us to wake up and consider pollution, abuse of forest, unreasonable use of plastics, and uncaring attitude towards keeping the atmosphere clean as an emergency call to be focused on immediately. Each of us should take it as our duty to save this beautiful world we live in

‘We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet’.-Leonardo Di Caprio

Yes, if we do our part in taking essential steps we can save our world.

 Solar energy

 Solar energy is fast emerging as an alternative source of electricity as it gets the energy from sun to make various home appliances work.

Solar power can cut down your electric bills by as far as 50%.The energy we get from the sun is not going to run out. The initial cost of installing a solar panel can be got back by low electric bills .It is also earth friendly. Solar energy might be the future answer for an eco friendly atmosphere. We should make an effort to install solar energy panels as it will help us minimize our dependency on the electric grid for power.

Always recycle.

Recycling is an excellent way to reduce the garbage that keep on piling up, creating an atmosphere of dirt and filth. A little care can go a long way to keep the world pollution free. Do not throw away vegetable waste. Dig a pit in your garden and throw all the vegetable waste, used papers into it. It makes perfect natural manure for your garden. Used coffee powder, ashes from firewood also contributes as an excellent chemical free nutrient for a colorful garden.

Donate your clothes that are in good condition to charity. It gives you immense pleasure to give something for the needy. Worn out towels, bed sheets can be used for cleaning and dusting your home. Use paper bags whenever possible. Metals, wood and bricks from a demolished building can be re used.

 Old clothes can be converted into curtains or cushion covers. Do not throw old toys; give it to the needy children.                 


Compact fluorescents saves your electric bill by 70%.You can save energy as it will draw less energy from the power grid. It gives out more brightness using less energy, there by reducing pollution. Its usage should gather momentum as it will definitely takes us into a better environment.

Plant trees

 Rain is the nectar of our life. Without rain there is bound to be draught, famine and hunger. What brings us that much needed rain? Forests and trees give us the bane of our life. But today we see insane cutting of trees, little knowing the repercussions it is creating. We must advice our children to plant trees on their birthdays. Schools should educate the children about the importance of trees. Trees play a great part in balancing the environmental disturbance.

Now is the time for us to give our whole hearted effort to make our world pollution free. With global warming posing a great threat to our existence, we must take urgent steps to make the world a safe place to live in. ‘Be eco- friendly’ should be the motto of our life.


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