Moslem Brotherhood: Islamic Movement That Change The World

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West may accuse Muslim Brotherhood as a fanatic movement that want to found Islamic country like Iran Republic. They should know that The Brotherhood is not horrible as they think or they said.

Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwanul Muslimin is a social organization that concern with social and humanity activity. They help poor people to get better life. They want to change the wrong Islamic practice such as heresy in the society and back to true Islam. Their movement is moderate and accepts all class.

Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Egypt. The organization chooses Hassan Al Banna as their leader. Hassan Al Banna was an Islamic clerk and also clock repairer. He is a kind man and friendly. He recognized any people who ever meet him. He never forgot the name even he just met for once. He traveled around Egypt to ask people join the organization. He wanted to endure Islamic honor after Ottoman collapsed. Most Islamic believe that Muslim should have leader or Caliph that protect their belief, life, honor, asset, and others. Without a Caliph, Islamic people are not safe.

Al Banna recruited entire people from labor to executive. Muslim Brotherhood is an open organization that accepts any Muslim.

After the Caliph collapsed, British have Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Muslim brotherhood worried that British would allow Israel found Israel country at Palestine land. Hassan Al Banna and his friend consolidate the Egypt people to fight against Israel. They trained some Egypt young men firearm to side against Israel. Egyptian Muslim Worry that Jews will grab Aqsho mosque that muslim believe as third Qiblat (the direction for Muslim pray).

King Farouk Egypt accused Hassan Al Banna want to coup his kingdom. He ordered his officer to kill Hassan. Hassan were dying at hospital and the military forbidden any doctor helped him. Farouk also forbidden any people attended at his funeral. His father and family buried Al Banna.

The Muslim Brotherhood had spread to 70 countries in Arabia, North Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, and more. They also bring change for Muslim.

In Egypt revolution, Muslim brotherhood may not relate directly with demonstration but there were so many Muslim brotherhood young men that attended Liberation square protests. Hosni Mubarak has ever said that Muslim Brotherhood was behind the pro democracy-pro Mubarak clash. Mubarak has told a lie. It is proven that pro Mubarak first who have assault pro democracy protestors first. Finally, Mubarak resigned after three week protest.

 Zine El Abidine Ben Ali should resign by People pressure. Ben Ali could not recover economic situation in this country. Muslim Brotherhood also has a great role at Tunisia Revolution. Rashid Al Ghanouchi, an Ikhwan leader, wants to a democracy country like Turkish.


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