My Horrible Bosses

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Ever since I entered the workforce I have had a number of horrible bosses. It is unbelievable to think about the wide variety of assholes that are out there hiring people. My first horrible boss of a Jewish woman. She was around forty years of age and she was an executive at a small law firm. I was hired to do telemarketing and paperwork. I was hired under a condition that I would not leave the job for any amount of time ever for any reason. I agreed to this condition at the time of the interview since I needed a job badly. I was almost finished with college and I just had one more semester to go before I graduated and got my degree. 

Once the finals came around, I realized that I could not both pass my finals and keep my part time job at the same time. I eventually ended up quitting the job to the great distress of my horrible boss and graduating from college. I am sure glad that I did not sacrifice my college degree for the sake of this crappy job. This crazy Jewish boss lady would have fired me over any little thing. Almost nothing I did was ever good enough for her. She managed to find fault with everything and constantly got involved in the private lives of her employees. This woman was incredibly miserable. I think a good shrink would have benefited her enormously. 

My next horrible boss was not all that horrible. However, he was negligent of me and I eventually quit the job after two weeks. I was employed at a real estate firm to do customer service and paper work. However, most of this job involved filing folders in a dusty basement. My wonderful boss would stick me in this basement for the entire day while he was out selling real estate. I felt suffocated and eventually found myself running out of this place as fast as possible. I had to pretend that I was going on a lunch break.

Another horrible little job was working for a clothing factory in Secaucus, NJ. My boss was an old businessman who hired me without any references. He conducted a brief interview and told me that I should be loud on the phone and on time. I agreed to his conditions as I needed a job badly. Well, the firm was far from my home and the busses always ran late. I ended up being late too. I also ended up catching a cold because of all this traveling in the winter time. My voice was not loud on the phone at all because I was sick. Also, I found out that the employees were not allowed to go to lunch. They were expected to eat inside the office and order Chinese food all the time. I actually had the nerve to go out to lunch. Well, needless to say I did not last very long in this job. After one week, the boss fired me and told me that he was expecting for me to be loud on the phone.

Another horrible gig a had was working as a cashier at a gift shop inside the Hyatt hotel. The shop was run by a middle aged Indian man who graduated Baruch College just like me. The salary was only $7.50 per hour and the hours were long. However, I agreed to the job and wanted to give it a try. The boss expected me to lift heavy boxes and I refused and left after only three days. 

Later I got employed at Banana Republic on 34th street in New York. I lasted about three months on this job. Eventually I had to leave because their head phone was hurting my ear very badly and they did not allow me to work without it. The floor managers in this store are very nasty. No matter how much you sell and how neat you stack the clothing, they were just never happy with your performance. Another down side of the job was that I was woring in the men’s department. I got hit on all the time and basically treated like a piece of meat.

Eventually, I got a decent office job working at a small brokerage firm on Wall street. The firm was owned and operated by three Italian men. They were slightly ghetto but friendly enough. Although they were assholes and dirt bags, they were decent enough where I could work for them. They dicriminated against me because I was a woman and hated the fact that I chose to go out for lunch instead of talking on the phone and eating at the same time. However, I did good work for them and they kept me around for three years. That was the longest time that I ever kept a job. Eventually, the bosses decided to sell the company and I was back out on the street. I could have gone on to work for the company that bought out the firm. However, that company did not have any female employees and they thought that it was a part of my job to pack havy boxes. 

Having no job and rent to pay I got myself temporarily employed by a marketing research firm. I was conducting telephone interviews over the phone. The salary was eight dollars per hour, however, the job was fairly comfortable. I got fired because I did not take enough surveys.

Now I work at a call center and I am constantly abused by all sorts of management people. They keep threatening to fire me. Well, I am still there and the salary is okay. I get a lot of time off. So we will see what will happen next. I am so tired of all these horrible bosses. Sometimes I wonder why so many people work so hard at their jobs. Why would you be so devoted to a boss who could not care less about you?


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