Arthritis of Dogs

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It always amazes me the numbers of people who automatically accept their veterinarian’s advise for how to treat arthritis in dogs. Although these doctors mean no harm, they too often prescribed medications which have been shown to cause significant and dangerous side effects in many animals. Although these problems with prescription canine arthritis treatments are somewhat rare, they are significant enough that pet owners should be extremely cautious and do their own research concerning the drugs.

One issue that makes these medications so popular that veterinarians prescribed is that they are in fact quite effective. They do a very good job in most animals in relieving joint pain in easing the symptoms of common osteoarthritis in canines. However, if these drugs were for human consumption, they would most definitely be banned by the FDA because of the high percentage of problems associated with their use for treating arthritis in dogs.

Although these drugs work quite well, the the real issue with them is that they do not address the root cause of the joint disease. They simply act to get rid of and mask the pain which is caused by the arthritis. Most dogs respond very well to the drugs and their negative symptoms are reduced almost immediately upon taking the medicine. But the underlying issue, which is the degeneration of joint tissue, is not addressed at all by the prescription medications.

An alternative that more and more vets are suggesting to pet owners for treating arthritis and dogs is a natural supplementation product called glucosamine. Not only does this product works very well in lessening the pain of arthritis and dogs, it is 100% safe and natural and offers virtually no risk were side effects to the animal. Glucosamine is a substance found in nature that the body actually uses to form the building blocks of joint cartilage tissue. The disease of arthritis in dogs asked to degenerate this cartilage tissue in the joints and this is what causes the pain and discomfort associated with the disease.

Besides the fact that glucosamine for dogs is significantly cheaper then it’s prescribed counterparts, it asked to actually rebuild and regenerate the damaged tissues with in the dog’s joints. Since the rebuilding process can take some time, it is important for pet owners to understand that the benefits of using glucosamine to treat arthritis in dogs are not immediately seen and can take up to several months of daily doses before increases in mobility and decreases in pain are observed in the canine.


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