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Though it often times not top on the list of the average person’s most exotic places to visit. Colorado’s 2011 Grand Car Rally has had several classic car owners witness the beauty that is rural America. W yoming in particular has several breathtaking sites that provide an exemplification of the true beauty of the rural countryside that is abundant in specific locales in the United States.

One driver in particular described the beauty of Wyoming. He noted that he had driven a classic car rally from Peking, China to Paris. In doing this they were able to witness the wide open area that is Mongolia. He expressed that the wide open spaces of Mongolia are comparable, but still pale in comparison to the beauty that is Wyoming.

When it comes to classic car rallies many individuals have their cars stored in area other than places they live. It is also common for individuals to have their vehicles shipped to the locale of the event. This avoids unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicles. This also makes it so you are not racking up miles on your precious classic roadster.

If you are a classic car owner and you are looking for a nice place to go on long scenic drives than Wyoming may be exactly what you are after. Keep in mind that even though there are rallies of this nature quite regularly in these rural areas you do not have to wait for one to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. If you live in California or on the West, the beauty of the North West United States is only a short drive away. However, even if you are on the east coast it may be a good idea to do research and look into the beauty that is Wyoming.

After all what is the point of owning a classic car if you can’t cruise the countryside in it? If you live a great distance away shipping your car would be a very wise decision. Some mountainous roads and terrain are fun to drive, but having to drive up or down from a drastically steep angle may not be the type of attention your car has been begging for. Certain areas in Colorado and northern California as well as many areas in Tennessee and Arkansas can be a nightmare to drive a classic car through. The last thing you want to see when driving a 1940s Jaguar down the road are signs that warn of the potential of falling rocks. On a similar note, you never know what may happen on the road, so it is important to have car insurance always. Kanetix

As a classic car owner one of the most important things to consider is when and where to take your toy for a spin. So, do yourself a favor and do some research because Wyoming is just one of the many little known locales that is perfect for classic car owners. Smooth roads and beautiful scenery really go a long way to help anyone enjoy their classic vehicle, which makes Wyoming an ideal destination for taking a spin.


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