Sweet Table

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Sweets are expected at every wedding. Traditionally, the much anticipated wedding cake is the only dessert and also a piece of the décor. What happens if cake is not the newlywed’s favorite dessert?

Sweet stations have been around for a while and are increasing in popularity. There are many variations of a sweets table that can reflect the favorite desserts of the couple.

Candy stations can be a beautiful addition to the room just like the wedding cake. Beautiful jars can be filled with candy that matches the wedding colors. Scoops can be personalized with the date and monogram. A candy bag to go home with each guest can act as a table favor. Descriptions can be created for each item on the table and linked to the couple.

Just recently, the same concept was done with cookies. The wedding couple had their favorite baker bring in 400 cookies with cookie bags for each guest. This table had platters filled with peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies and chocolate chip. There were also cookie jars at different heights to add depth to the table and fabric that matched the wedding colors.

Even with the sweet tables, there can be a traditional cake cutting. A small wedding cake just for the ceremony of cutting the cake can be on display with the sweets. There can even be a separate table to highlight the special dessert. The table can still be a focal point as well. There is not need to hide the table in a corner. The DJ can also announce the table to help encourage people to fill their goodie bags to take home and enjoy the treats.

A sweet table may cause a little more thought for how to bring in the colors and the theme of the wedding. The work will be well worth the extra touch to tie in the tastes that will fit the couple and the day that is all about them.  The sweetest part of the day will be that two people have decided to come together and share their lives as one. The dessert is just icing on the cake.


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