Introduction to Herb & Herbal Medicine

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A herbal medicine is that form of medicine that is used as medicine
made up of and extracted from plants leaves; flowers; roots; seeds and stems to optimize health related difficulties and inculcating the prevention process of various diseases and ill-treatments affecting one to the best of his/her strong bodily functions. An herb is known upon as a plant for its valued medicinal, aromatic and savory qualities with characteristic principles to help a human body suffering from a catastrophic disease.

It’s also known as phyto-medicine or Botanical medicine. The therapeutic and medicinal usage of herbal medicines have increased overtime with more and more people in the society are showing there dependency in this form of medicine with no side-effects whatsoever. The chemical found in certain plants reacts with the body’s fluid thus become helpful for ailment of the body. A natural green plant compound is responsible for triggering the entire process of cure inside the human body.

Certain compounds of herb treatment are synthetic by nature to mimic the exact extract form of a natural green substance. Herbal medicine is rather termed as traditional medicinal treatment for many in this day and age as well and used in other elements of treatment such as
Homeopathic; naturopathic and Ayurvedic. Pharmaceutical companies all around the globe are conducting extensive research for currently conducting extensive research on plant materials that are been gathered from various rain forests of the world and in which the research done on ‘Amazon Rain forest’ is the key source of finding the actual power of plants and trees.

The substances that are derived from plants and leaves in large proportions are used upon as treatments for
high-blood pressure; asthma symptoms; acute pains of the abdominal region;
cardiovascular diseases of the heart, etc. The patient can get rid of such disease with either some instant results in-hand or long term results because the herb extract used to fight the cells terminates the signs of malignant diseases from the root what synthetic drugs of allopath cannot do.

In herbal medicine the herbalists began the transition of raw herbs and shrubs to synthetic usage by certain pharmaceuticals by extracting the plant compound and working over for delivering sure-shot results of plant consumption in a form of tablets, paste or powder form to the patient. The absolute working procedure in herbal medicine can be triggered in a form of environmental factors such as:
soil quality in which the plant grow; the various insects and bugs that neutralizes an ecological balance and fickle climatic conditions and the way in which it’s processed and harvested with proper cultivation.

The herbalist before taking into account the treatment ensures the enhanced effectiveness and synergetic actions to
reduce toxicity and studies various species and verities to safeguard the patient with specified information related towards the habitat; its storing or processing and whether or not by chance the herbal substance get contaminated or intoxicated. The herbalist aims to control imbalance and tries to resolve the patterns of dysfunction with underlying cause of complaint of the patient.


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