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Museum consultant and exhibit designer Nina Simon weaves together innovative design techniques and case studies to make a powerful case for participatory practice.What this book is also intended to raise awareness of how we can more interested in museums. which I think is Very important as well as the author mentions in the book over time have lost interest in learning more about our history. Besides that to stop participating in museums is lost with this a part of who we are as a society. Nina Simon’s book is an excellent idea to know beyond what happens in museums, of what is behind each of them placed within exhibitions and participation are so important that people working in them as well as visitors, who are a fundamental part of museums to preserve their life. On the other hand also tells us how museums can do to increase the participation of individuals within each museum in the world and how they could similarly improve what we currently have and make great efforts to improve overall positioning museums they currently have.

Imagine looking at a subject not for its artistic and historical importance, but for their ability to provoke conversation. Each museum has objects that lend themselves naturally to social experiences. Could be an old stove that makes visitors to share their memories of her grandmother’s kitchen, or building an interactive station that encourages people to play together. It could be a work of art with a surprisingly subtle point visitors to each other in joy or people disturbing story of the picture feel compelled to discuss. It could be a train whistle asking visitors to join the trip, or an educational program that asks them to team up and compete. Once a visitor sees an object in a case they have a personal connection that they have a story to tell immediately. Whether it’s a bowl of soup that looks like Grandma or chemistry first define a visitor has ever owned, personal items often triggers a natural share with enthusiasm.

In conclusion I believe that Nina Simon’s book is an excellent work. that perfectly illustrates what role we have with regard to participation in museums.


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