Care Required in Eating Contaminated Fish

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In India fish is eaten more  in the coastal regions. This is perhaps because of the fact that sea fish is available in abundance.  As a thumb rule it is an accepted fact that eating Fish reduces the chance of you getting a heart attack. Recent research has brought to the fore that eating fish can also help to combat depression and is a help in diseases that are a part of mental decline like Alzheimer’s disease. However there is a need to take care of what fish you eat and  from where your fish is sourced. Some of the common mistakes are outlined in succeeding paras.

Fish and parasites

Always eat fish that is cooked and avoid eating raw fish. The reason is that raw fish may carry parasites like sashimi or ceviche. These parasites are classified as nematodes which in simple parlance mean   cod worms or herring worms.   Raw fish may also contain tape worms.  Ingestion of Nemotides can lead to digestive problems, but tapeworms have a long-range effect as they can survive in the body for years and lead to anemia, weightloss and pain. All the above problems are obviated in case the fish is cooked to a temperature of 140 degree Fahrenheit. Once cooked these bacteria just die and the fish is safe. for consumption.

Fish and Allergy

Fish eating does cause allergies. These have as yet not been properly analyzed. but they are quite common and many people suffer from them.  These allergies can be of a general nature or a particular type of fish may create an allergy. In such a case the only solution is to obviate eating fish totally. There is really no other solution.

Contaminated Fish

Another hazard of eating fish is its contamination this is very common in the under developed countries like India where they do not have stringent anti pollution laws of discharge of effluents into the sea. Such fish can cause food poisoning like  scombroid or histamine fish poisoning,.  Tuna and mackerel are particularly vulnerable to this sort of poisoning as these animals are closer to the sea-shore. Sea fish or river fish can both be contaminated and your best bet is to eat fish that is from trusted source than the fish sold in the common fish markets. There is a good chance that such fish may be contaminated. Eating fish has its hazards, but at the end of the day when one make a plus and minus assessment eating fish is a good thing for the benefits that it brings to the fore for the human body. However as thumb rule eat fish that is grilled and cooked and avoid fried fish. Raw fish used in salads may be given the long.

 Fish is ahealthy food, but care has to be taken as to what fish you eat. Fish goes bad quickly as well and one must take proper care against the same. Other wise the repurcussions can be much worse than the benits it provides.


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